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Nike Created A Monster!

I will say this about Nike Golf…they have created a monster. And this monster comes in the form of an overflowing sea of yellow paint. It is consuming everything in it’s path…every golf club from the US to Japan is being consumed.

Yellow The New Blue

For over 60 years companies have known the power of the color yellow in marketing & advertising but the game of golf resisted the color until the Sasquatch. Well…now even Mizuno…which previously had stayed true to their color blue for the longest of times, has now been consumed as well by the mysterious “Yellow Sea”.

Mizuno MX-700 Coming Soon…February 2009

We have heard that the Mizuno MX-700 (pictured below) will be the replacement for the MX-560. The new weapon we hear will be introduced at the 2009 PGA Show in January and released to the public some time in February 2009.

mizuno mx700

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