Day 3 Coverage!

The PGA Show forever changed my career after my first trip and ever since then I felt like there needed to be a place that tried to put in words what that experience is like for those that are not able to attend. It literally is an overwhelming experience even after 12 straight years of attending this show.

But after walking the 10 miles of aisles inside the showroom floor and taking thousands of pictures from 9-7 and then loading all that info up until 2 am for 3 nights straight and talking to hundreds of passionate business owners you quickly realize that putting this experience into words is a much tougher task then it appears.  How do you put into words the extreme passion that hundreds of companies have for their products they are trying to launch.  For so many of these guys the show is the make or break it point in regards to the success of their lifelong dream.  So pictures and videos are only able to tell a part of the show experience.  I really wish I could bring each and every one of the MyGolfSpy readers along to the show so you could ALL get the full experience.  But until that day comes we hope that the coverage we provide is something you enjoy and gives you as much insight into the PGA Show as possible.

Below I will touch on some of the more interesting products we encountered on Day 3 of the show.  You can also view a break down of each individual day of the show inside the forum.  So if you missed one of the days you can always go back and get a view of the entire show through our spy lens.

I hope you enjoy!


Sizemore/Tiger Shark Putters

Bruce Sizemore has been chomping at the bit to get these new designs out and for those that were fans I am sure he did not disappoint. There will be a couple more models coming soon...but here are a couple to tide you over. Think he wins the "2011 Best Shaft Label Award" with this sterling silver edition that was milled on a jewelers mill.

And the new face milling is not only just for looks it also serves a purpose. The way it was milled produces more friction when you run the ball up on the face...which is supposed to produce a better forward roll.

Site Coming Soon

David O'Keefe Art

This was some of the most original golf art I have run across. Interesting story behind how he was commisioned to do some of these pieces you see below. For more info go check out his website:


McKennon Golf Bag Company

Mike McKennon is the owner of this new bag company. He was once a employee of Nike Golf and decided to go out on his own with one of the highest quality leather bags you will see. He was quite busy at the Travis Mathew Booth that is for sure. Great guy and he makes a great bag. We will have a MyGolfSpy McKennon bag showing up and day for you guys to see. But in the meantime you can check out his website as well.

McKennon Golf Bag Company

TRUE Linkswear

One of the most chaotic booths at the show. These guys worked like dogs this week.

TRUE LinksWear

White Ball Belts

Have been speaking to this belt and buckle for a while trying to get some samples for the MyGolfSpy readers to see.  So what better time then the show to get a couple belts and shoot some pics for all the MyGolfSpy readers to get their first look at the "White Ball" belt company.

White Ball Belts & Buckles

Piretti Golf

Here is a first look at a new prototype from Piretti Golf. They did very well at the show with their existing models and have more to come in 2011.





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