2011 PGA Show (Day 2) - Equipment Pics!

Day 2 of the PGA Show was a good sign for the industry in my opinion.  I don't have any official numbers of attendees or booth numbers compared to the past couple seasons.  Although when the numbers are released I am fairly certain both numbers will be up for the 2011 show.  The isles were crowded...the buzz from the booths were up and the overall opinion from the all the manufacturers attending was that this year was a big success.

A View Of The Show From A Spy's Perspective - My How things Have Changed!

Staying anonymous as a spy at a show like this can be a challenge to say the least.  For the most part I spend the majority of my time being incognito as many in the industry weren't quite sure who GolfSpy X really was.  The first couple years I covered the show for the MyGolfSpy site I for the most part went unnoticed while shooting all the photos and videos for these articles.  That's because a couple of years ago the MyGolfSpy site was not as well known as it is now.  A couple of the higher ups would get a glimpse while I walked through their booths which would often result in a small gathering of executives trying to figure out what MyGolfSpy was all about.

Now, as the site has grown it has become next to impossible to go unnoticed.  You have badge credentials hanging around your neck that identify who you are and what company you work for.  Which I always kept hidden in years past...until this year.   For the 2011 PGA Tour Show, I did not wear the "spy costume".   I attended the show in normal clothing with a goal of getting the news out to our readers.  I was able to accomplish the same goals as in years past of taking pictures of the newest equipment and interviewing executives of up and coming companies.  But the reaction I received was far different this year.  As MyGolfSpy has hit the "radar" for the major companies in the golf industry, their reaction to MGS has changed dramatically.  Instead of questioning who we were and what we wanted, they wanted to know how they could help us with product information.  They wanted to know our opinions of their products and how we felt the public would react to their newest merchandise. MyGolfSpy was now treated similar to other golf media outlets.  Obviously, they understand that serious golfers are on the MyGolfSpy site on a regular basis and there is no way to influence the information we report.  Although we appreciate the support from the big boys, our mission remains the same...to bring our readers unbiased information!



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