There's a war going on in the golf industry!

Ok...well not really...cause last time I checked in a real war both sides usually need to know that they're involved for it to be an actual war.  And secondly, if there was, wouldn't consumers actually know about it?  I mean did you even know there was one going on? Well Callaway is damn sure hoping and betting you and more importantly Taylormade will know about it pretty soon.  Because, in this case the "Callaway/Taylormade War" was actually initiated by Callaway, they have actually coined the name on their Twitter account as the #FiveYearWar.  Look it up, I'm not joking.

And while they didn't call Taylormade out as who they will be attacking, it's pretty obvious where their weapons will be aimed.  Yeah, Callaway's PR and marketing guys will tell you a story about the #FiveYearWar being a mission to change the look and feel of Callaway and about how they want to transform consumers impression regarding where they are headed over the next five years.  And all of this is true, but the end result of this war is about one thing:  Taking over Taylormade as the #1 Golf Equipment Company in the Industry...PERIOD!

1st Warning Shot & Counter Attack

And while they didn't even know they were involved, earlier this morning, Taylormade fired a major warning shot across Callaway's bow...letting them know that they aren't messing around in this fictitious war.  The missile Taylormade fired happened to be called RocketBladez. It was their big iron announcement this year, well so far.  And like most warning shots, the other party involved is often left with two choices: (1) put your tail between your legs and proclaim your opponent as the winner (2) or fight back.

Callaway decided to fight back and launch a counter attack of their own just hours after the warning shot,  by releasing info about their newest iron.  Their missile (aka: iron) is called the 2013 Callaway X Forged. And while they're in different categories, Taylormade's in "Game Improvement" & Callaway's in "Players Iron".  I think it was made pretty clear from those at Callaway that they think their new missles out shine Taylormade's.  But we will leave that up to you guys and gals.

2013 callaway x forged irons

Tell Callaway Your Thoughts On Their Irons

Like we always tell you the guys at Callaway and other companies are listening to what you have to say.  How do we know, let's just say we are pretty good at this espionage thing.  So let them know how you feel about their new irons and their #FiveYearWar.

MORE INFO - 2013 Callaway X Forged Iron

:: Designed by Roger Cleveland
:: 1025 Carbon
:: CG Height Progression
:: Longer irons = higher launch
:: Shorter irons = lower more consistent launch
:: Project X Pxi Shaft
:: Triple Net Forging

Release Date: Jan 25th 2013
Pricing: $999/set

callaway x-forged irons 2013

2013 x-forged iron

phil mickelson callaway x forged irons