Cobra AMP Cell Irons

Cobra Ain’t Messin’ Around!

We all knew Cobra was going in a different direction after leaving the Titleist umbrella…but man-o-man…how quickly times have changed.  They continue to astound many of our readers with how far from the norm their taking their new designs compared to the rest of the industry.  Hell, I wouldn’t be shocked if in a couple years they were going to allow you to literally design your own iron or driver and have a truly one-of-a-kind set of Cobra sticks to show off.

If you saw our article earlier today on the launch of the new Cobra Amp Cell driver, you know there was a LOT going on in regards to new technology and also regarding the looks of the club.  So, you might be thinking if the drivers had all that going on…what in the world did Cobra do with these new irons.  Well…there is definitely not as much going on with the irons but there is still quite a bit to let you in on.

Pick-A-Color Any Color

First and foremost is once again the Customization & Personalization (tired of us saying that yet…well your gonna have to get used to it…sorry) options consumers will have with the new set.  Just like the COBRA AMP CELL Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids, golfers will have a choice in color when it comes to the AMP CELL Irons. There will be 4 colors to choose from.  While silver will be the stock option, AMP CELL Irons with Vibrant Orange, Directoire Blue or Barbados Red (all pictured below in the image gallery) details will also be available through select retailers and custom orders. They will also feature a metalwood face-weld construction, E9 Face Technology, AMP CELL technology, a V-Skid sole design, vibration management system and speed channel.

Readers Opinions:

Like I said how quickly times change, one minute Cobra looks like the step-brother of Titleist and the next minute their parents are getting divorced and the Rickie Fowler family adopts them on the spot.  So what do you think about all the change for the brand?  Think it is a good thing for Cobra or do you think they are niching themselves into too small of a demographic?  How do you like the color options with the irons…think the trend will continue to grow?  Do you plan on testing out their new gear for your bag?  Let them know what you think!

Image Gallery – Cobra Amp Cell Irons