“…the iron we aren’t supposed to talk about…but we will anyway ” – Tom Preece, VP Cobra R&D

Now, I don’t know if I can really call it a spy pic considering I snapped it with a Nikon D300 in a room full of Cobra-PUMA employees (more on the trip to Cobra-PUMA, coming soon) . Not exactly, high-stakes, covert stuff, right? And I’m reasonably certain the Cobra team would prefer I devote some front page space to two of their more mainstream upcoming releases; the Cobra AMP Cell Irons, and Cobra AMP Cell Driver. All in due time, my friends. We’ll get there…maybe even soon.

Rickie Fowler – Inspired Irons (In Testing)

We can state with 100% certainty that there are plenty of golfers who have, basically since the minute Rickie Fowler signed his name to his Cobra contract, who have wondered, perhaps even dreamed of a day, when Cobra would make Rickie’s Irons (a sweet little forged blade that most of us have no business playing) available outside of the tour van.

While we don’t have an exact date, all indications are that the right answer is Spring 2013.

The Rickie-inspired irons are in the testing and prototype phases right now, and with input from young Rickie himself, the product…or eventual product, if you prefer, has undergone several deisgn iterations, but it sounds like the Cobra team is getting close to the finalizing the long awaited iron.

You think that’s exciting? Check this out.

Two Versions – 2013 Cobra Amp Cell Forged Irons

There will actually be two different versions of the Cobra AMP Cell Forged irons available.

The first…the one you’ll actually see on store shelves (and the one you can see in these slides), is what Cobra is calling a “Flow Set“. Not unlike Nike’s VR Pro Combo, and even some Mizuno designs, the AMP Cell Pro Forged irons will feature a double cavity-back design in the long irons (more forgiveness), that gradually flows, or progresses, into a true blade as you reach the short irons and wedges.

The Cobra-PUMA team expects that this version will find its way into the bags of Ian Poulter and Fry’s Champion, Jonas Blix.

TrueTemper’s Dynamic Gold will be the stock shaft offering for the AMP Cell Pro irons.

YES! Rickie Fowler’s Exact Irons Will Be Available

The second, and no doubt the one some of you will be even more interested in, will be identical to what Rickie plays. A 100% blade design, or “butter knives” as Cobra’s VP of R&D, Tom Preece refers to them with a slight chuckle.

The Rickie irons, which, let’s be honest, are probably only a strong option for maybe 1% of us, will be available through Cobra’s custom department, which means, if you really want to (and I’m telling you, it’s probably a bad idea…for you, not Rickie (though it might be a bad idea for him too)) you can play what Rickie plays.

As I said, the release date hasn’t been finalized, but I know team at Cobra really wants to hit April 1, if not sooner. Pricing has also not been finalized, but the Cobra team is optimistic they’ll be able to hit an $899 price point, which is $100 less than their competitor’s blade offerings.

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