"My god this limited edition craze is getting out of control".  That's one way too look at it.

"All this limited edition gear is awesome". That's another way to look at it.

"Meh" And then there's that.

Whatever your feelings about the industry's trend towards producing as much limited edition gear as possible (sort of an oxymoron), the reality is Limited Edition gear is all the rage in golf today.

Sometimes it's severely limited (check out Wilson Staff below), sometimes it's very limited (Fujikura, Bettinardi), and sometimes it's barely limited (Cobra, Kentwool). And of course, there are those situations where we don't exactly know how limited it is, but you know...take their word for it...it's really limited.

Buy now because soon it will be too late. Supplies, after-all, are limited.

At no time during the golf season does the LE engine rev like it does in the lead-up to The Masters. Rules and whatnot dictate that all this new and mostly cool Masters gear can't actually be called "Masters" Gear, so the golf companies come up creative ways to explain the sudden influx of green (and sometimes yellow) Limited (did we mention it's limited) gear each and every April.

Whatever they call it..."Green", "Augusta", "Highway 20" (my personal favorite), or "Season Opener", the message is clear. This stuff is to celebrate The Masters...and it's Limited.

We've assembled a collection of 13 (actually it's 15 if you count the TaylorMade stuff individually) Limited Edition Masters Products for the 2013 season. Feel free to tell us what you like, and if you're so inclined, tell us what you hate too.

Just do it quick...this Limited Edition stuff isn't going to last long.

It’s almost time for the first Major of the year and COBRA Golf is celebrating by bringing golfers the AMP CELL  Limited Edition – Green Driver. An AMP CELLTM head complete with MyFlyTM, SmartPadTM, E9 Face Technology™ and Advanced Material Placement, is paired with a Diamana D+ shaft, LE headcover, LE wrench and, of course, is being released in ‘Season Opener Green.’

Quantity Produced: 1800
Retail Availability: Yes (Select Retailers)
Retail Price: $399

The limited edition Major-inspired D-100 Irons from Wilson Staff reflect the exact same world-class technology used in the highly reviewed D-100 Irons that recently launched in January 2013. The heads and Matrix Studio 6.1 shafts are the same as the standard D-100 Iron components, except the colors have been altered to green and yellow to reflect a Major-inspired design. The green Lamkin R.E.L. 3GEN grip perfectly complements the colors used in the rest of the club. A total of eight Major-inspired Augusta D-100 Irons sets have been manufactured and no more will ever be made.

Quantity Produced: 8 sets
Retail Availability: No - Promotional Only
Retail Price: NA

The Bettinardi Limited Edition BB0 DASS Highway 20 Invitational has honeycomb face, plumbers neck and a tour blast finish. The sole is engraved with the Bettinardi Highway 20 sign and dancing azaleas. The Hex B logo is engraved on the face and Bettinardi is engraved in the pocket.

Quantity Produced: 125
Retail Availability: Sold Out
Retail Price: $899

adizero tour – A season opener limited edition colorway (island green) will be available at retail on 4/1.  Specifically engineered to include only what’s essential to perform by utilizing ultra-light materials that are proprietary to adidas.  The result is the lightest, most comfortable and best performing ten-cleated tour golf shoe that adidas golf has ever created.

Quantity Available: Undisclosed
Retail Availability: Yes - adidasgolf.com
Retail Price: $180.00

Every year the tournament that Tour players look forward to the most is the Masters.  It's such a special event and venue and something that each player will remember for the rest of their lives. Odyssey wanted to give them something special, something that no one else can get.  Not even our CEO, Chip Brewer, or Chris Koske, Global Director of the Odyssey business got one of these. That's special! These are not for sale at all…tour only.

Quantity Produced: Unspecified
Retail Availability: Tour Only
Retail Price: NA

TaylorMade Golf is celebrating the first Major Championship (“Season Opener”) of the year. Ten years ago, TaylorMade began trying to pay greater homage to the Majors with our Tour Staff professionals with commemorative bags, hats and logos, created for each individual championship. The theme for the Majors this year is “10 Years of Tradition”. For Tour Staff only, TaylorMade has created 2013 "Season Opener" staff bags, hat pins (new this year), and headcovers, featuring the 2013 "Season Opener" commemorative logo .

Quantity Produced: Undisclosed
Retail Availability: Tour Only (check eBay)
Retail Price: NA

All of Callaway's internal designers took a stab at designing the LE bag and the team then took the best elements of these submissions to create the bag that Callaway Pros' caddies will carry during tournament play.

  • Easy club access with a 10”, 6-way top with 2 full-length dividers
  • 8 pocketsSolid stability
  • Perfect balance base
  • Single-cushioned strap with double strap bag connections

Quantity Produced: 500
Retail Availability: Yes (Select Retailers)
Retail Price: $499.99

Combining groundbreaking innovation with longstanding tradition, Nike Golf has created the NIKE FREE Inspired TW ‘13 Limited Edition footwear in time for the first major championship of the season.

Quantity Produced: Undisclosed (we're told they're more limited than years past)
Retail Availability: Yes (Select Retailers)
Retail Price: $179.99

Add a ton of Cobra-PUMA style (and protection) to any metalwood with this sweet Monoline Cap Headcover. The same headcover that Rickie Fowler will use in the 2013 Masters.

Quantity Produced: Undisclosed
Retail Availability: Yes
Retail Price: $40.00

KENTWOOL – the 170-year-old, family-owned American textile innovator – announces that it will commemorate staff player Bubba Watson’s inaugural major championship victory with the return of a limited-edition Tour Profile performance sock boasting a distinctive green base color highlighted by yellow heel and toe patterns with red brand accents.

Quantity Produced: 2500
Retail Availability: Yes (Kentwool Website until May 15th or sold out)
Retail Price: $19.95

To commemorate the first Major Championship of the golf season Fujikura is releasing a limited edition "Green and Yellow" Fuel shaft that will be available just in time for the Masters. Each shaft will be numbered in sequence of production – this limited, custom shaft will be hand crafted in their Vista, Ca. Headquarters.

Quantity Produced: 150
Retail Availability: Yes (Fujikura Charter Dealers)
Retail Price: $400

A limited edition, WhiteoutTM grip features the same great cord technologies that have made the New Decade MultiCompound family one of Golf Pride’s most popular product lines ever, presented in a green, yellow and white color scheme that helps to celebrate golf’s annual rite of spring

Quantity Produced: Undisclosed
Retail Availability: Yes
Retail Price: $9.49

As golfers far and wide are preparing for the excitement of 2013’s first Major at Augusta, Georgia, IJP Design is launching ‘The Azalea Jacket’ limited edition putter cover. The first in the 2013 series of four limited edition putter covers, this cover has been specially designed to mark one of golf’s most legendary places, Augusta.

Quantity Produced: 600
Retail Availability: Yes (IJP Design Website)
Retail Price: $69.96