2013 PGA Show Coverage

Tomorrow, MyGolfSpy and crew leave on red-eye flights headed to Orlando, FL. for the 2013 PGA Show!

The BIGGEST golf event of the season is here again!  And we are on a single mission…to bring the PGA Show and the behind the scenes experience to all the MyGolfSpy readers.  We will of course take thousands of photos, shoot tons of video and get the inside scoop about all the new golf gear you haven't yet seen for 2013.  But you will also get to hear and see exactly what we think about what we are seeing LIVE this year. So be sure to follow us on Twitter & Facebook. (how to stay updated is listed below)

For those of you long time readers of MyGolfSpy you most likely have already seen many of the clubs that will be hitting the stores in ’13.  But trust me, you are going to see and hear about products you have never before seen.  Some of which might be game changers.  We will be taking pictures of all the clubs, the cleverist of gadgets, all the wackiest gizmos, and insane training aids.  It will literally be sensory overload with all the eye-candy you will see over the coming days and weeks on MyGolfSpy.

So make sure to check back each and every day to MyGolfSpy.com and all the other places we will be broadcasting coverage.

What You Will See From The Show

  • Over 1 million square feet of golf gear
  • Nearly 10 miles of show aisles
  • Over 40,000 attendees and exhibitors
  • 4 days to cover it all
  • and much more!

How To Stay Updated - The 2013 PGA Show!

Tomorrow MyGolfSpy will be heading back down to Orlando to cover the show and all that comes with it for you guys to see.  We will bringing you guys videos, interviews, photos, product demos and much more!  And there are lots of ways that you guys can stay updated on MyGolfSpy’s major finds at the show! It is super simple…You can follow us the following 4 ways:

  1. HOMEPAGE -Make sure to check out the homepage from throughout the day for updates.  You won’t want to miss something special ;)
  2. TWITTER – this year we will be LIVE tweeting from the show on our Twitter…make sure to follow us so you see all the cool stuff first from the show!  4 of our staff members will be tweeting so follow us all:  MyGolfSpy --  GolfSpy T -- GolfSpy Matt -- GolfSpy Tim
  3. FACEBOOK – if you don’t have Twitter but have a Facebook account our additional updates will also be posted for you to see on Facebook.
  4. PHONE – Don't have time to get to your computer but still want to stay on top of the coverage.  Check us out on your phone!

Tell Us What You Want To See

Got something specific in mind you want to see?  Got a question you want asked?  Heard about a new product you want us to investigate?  How about a product you are seriously wanting to buy but don't want to pull the trigger on until one of our guys has seen it up close and personal?  Well, this week is all about YOU, so make sure to let us know exactly what you want us to report back about.