Love'em or Hate'em

Love'em or hate'em....Taylormade Golf is King right now.  And love'it or hate'it....the name RocketBallz is on the tip of every golfers tongues in 2012.  If we were to have polled MGS readers before the launch of the RocketBallz line I would guess between 75-90% of you would have said the name was a terrible mistake (we heard from a lot of you in our inbox saying it was).  Take the same poll with marketing experts and the numbers would have most likely been reversed...75-90% thinking Taylormade hit it out of the park with the RocketBallz name.

POLL: RocketBallz (vs) RocketFuel

That brings me to today.  And the name RocketFuel!  What is RocketFuel?  Well...Taylormade just put in a trademark application (shown below) for this new name.  So I'm guessing they think RocketFuel is even better than RocketBallz.

But...that's where you guys come in.  Since we didn't poll you guys last time to get your opinions on the RocketBallz name we thought it would be a good idea this time around.  So...what do you think about the name RocketFuel?  Is it a good name for a golf club?  Is it better than the RocketBallz name?   You tell us...and well Taylormade...because I know they are reading this 😉

Do you think "RocketFuel" is a good name for a golf club?

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Is the name "RocketFuel" better than "RocketBallz"?

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taylormade rocketfuel driver