By Dave Wolfe

Today, we award the title of “Golf’s Most Wanted!” to the blade that was more accurate than its peers. Many of our putters share the classic heel-toe-weighted design, while others push the blade envelope. We have plumbers necks, double-bend necks, and flow necks. We have contestants finished in silver, copper, black, and even one in green.

All of our contestants are on equal footing. All contestants get the same shot at the title. The Most Wanted Title must be earned though. It doesn’t matter if we love a company, or are hearing about them for the first time. Once the putter is in the hands of the tester, it’s all about the data. It’s only about the data.

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What data are we collecting? Remember in this competition, accuracy is everything. To win the title of “Golf’s Most Wanted!”, a putter must get the ball to the hole better than all other competitors. Price doesn’t matter. The number of stitches in the headcover doesn’t matter. If you think Desirability should be part of the formula, then you are missing the point. The desire of any golfer and his or her putter should be to get the ball to the hole. That’s why accuracy is everything.

Testing Parameters:

  •  Location of Testing:  Outdoor Practice Green at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex
  •  Ball Used:  2014 Wilson Staff FG Tour
  •  Number of Testers: 10
  •  HCPs of Testers: 2-20+
  •  Putters Tested: 31
  •  Total Balls Rolled Per Putter:  150
  •  Total Balls Rolled Per Tester: 360 over two sessions
  •  Time for each tester to complete test: Approximately 4.5 hours

:: Accuracy Scoring


“Golf’s Most Wanted!” Blade Putter, should be the most accurate, regardless of the person swinging the stick.

EXAMPLE: Accuracy Score Calculation

:: Total Miss Distance (all testers, adjusted for distance)= 1686 inches
:: Average Miss Distance Per Tester (Total/12)= 140.5 inches
:: Percentage of Accuracy Ideal Value (127.5/Average Miss Per Tester x 100)= 91%

Extra Blade Photos-2

“Golf’s Most Wanted!” –  The Results – The Top 5







See How the Rest of the Putters Performed

More To Come

Once again, we see one putter that really separates itself from the pack. As with the mallets, the question on many of our minds is what is it about the Daytona 12 that allowed the testers to be more accurate with it compared to the other putters? Is it possible that a company known for drivers can also make an exceptional putter?

Don’t worry, we will be looking into the Daytona 12 win in much more depth.

We will also be looking at the other putters as well in Golf’s Most Wanted Blade – Beyond the Numbers.

For today though, congratulations go out to TaylorMade’s spectacular Ghost Tour Daytona 12, and the other Top 5 blade putters.

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