The Best Driver of 2014

The largest data-driven test of drivers the golf industry has ever seen is underway and we are only days away from knowing the winners. Results will be published very soon.  Goal was simple, conduct the most comprehensive, data-driven test the industry had ever seen.  Show how the top performing drivers of 2014, and show all the data to back it up.  No marketing, no hype, no medals just results.  And let the results speak for themselves.

But, while the last swings are being calculated and bits of data deciphered, lets have some fun first and vote for who YOU think will win this thing.

We tested a total of 23 different models in "Most Wanted" Driver Test, but there can only be one winner.


Vote Now!

While our testing will determine the winner, we encourage you to vote below for your favorite (or at the very least the company you think will win).  Be sure to use the Facebook and Twitter buttons to share this post with your friends, fans, and loyal minions so that they too can come and vote for their favorite putter manufacturer.

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