The golf glove deserves better. You deserve better.

We want to make your bag a better place.  A place where golf gloves don’t just go to wither, crack and die. We want them to survive, thrive and revive your game. We want to make them last longer, perform better, fit snugger, look better.

Our 2015 Most Wanted Budget Golf Glove Buyer’s Guide consists of gloves with a retail price below $19. When we looked at the totality of the gloves submitted for testing, we found that $19 is the point of separation between true tour-quality gloves and budget-oriented gloves.

The gloves in this list are ideal for the golfer looking for a bit more durability than we’d expected from a tour glove, as well as a good balance of proper fit, feel, comfort, grip and breathability.


2015 Budget Golf Gloves Tested

Bender Gloves Spandex

Bender Gloves Sythetic

Bridgstone e-Glove

FootJoy SofJoy

FootJoy StaCool

FootJoy WeatherSof

MG DynaGrip

MG DynaGrip Elite

MG TechGrip

Ping Sensor Tech

Puma Formation Performance

TaylorMade Targa

Wilson Conform Perfect Fit

Wilson Grip Soft

Golf Glove Features

How We Tested

To determine Golf’s Most Wanted! Glove, we scored the following categories: Fit, Feel, Comfort, Grip, Breathability, and, Perceived Durability.

Gloves were put through a normal usage scenario at the driving range in controlled set of test conditions.

Golfers completed individual testing in a single session to help ensure consistent temperature and humidity.

If testers hands became too sweaty, they were allowed to cool down/dry off before proceeding to test another glove.

Each tester only used one club/grip for the entire test. Grips included corded, rubber, and grips with more than a full season of play.


Does the glove fit true to size, slightly big, or slightly small. Any inconsistencies in sizing – with a single finger and/or the palm were noted and scored.


Graded for how connected glove allowed a player to feel to their club/grip. Generally, thinner gloves scored better.

Anything worth noting where comfort is concerned, e.g. overly thick or abrasive seams, extremely tight fit in one finger.


Does the glove allow for proper pressure, or does the player feel the need to grip tighter for any reason? Is there a comparative loss of grip?

When the time comes, does the player feel a glove promotes airflow, keeping things cooler and drier for longer?

Perceived Durability:

Is there anything at all that leads the player to believe a given glove might last longer, or conversely, fall apart/wear out sooner than the rest of the gloves.

Results: Most Wanted Glove

Grades for each category were given on a 10-point scale. Durability is weighted more heavily in the Budget Golf Glove category.
This year’s review panel included a ton more testers providing feedback in more categories.


Puma Formation Performance



MG DynaGrip Elite


MG TechGrip


The Rest of The List

tmagtarga MGDyna wilsonconformwilsonsoft pingtech bridgestone-efjsofjoy fjweather fjstacool benderspandex bendersyn

Final Words of Advice

Don’t buy a new glove without considering the following:

  • A new glove should fit “like a glove.
  • Fit is everything
  • If you pull Velcro fastener past edge, go a size smaller
  • If the palm is loose, go a size smaller
  • Sweat is your glove’s worst enemy
  • Rotate 2 to 3 gloves during a round of golf
  • Never put gloves into your bag after a round
  • Air dry outside of your bag
  • Always store your gloves in a dry environment.