Given Srixon's surprisingly strong (like REALLY strong) showing in our recent Most Wanted Driver test, it's only natural that we'd pay particular attention when something new from the company pops-up. Case in point, the recently USGA approved Z Prototype Tour 19 Driver.

Whether the new model will remain tour-only, or will eventually make it's way to retail is unknown.

What we can say is that the new driver has a decidedly minimalist design. The Z Prototype Tour 19 offers no moving parts whatsoever. The hosel is glued, and aside from the requisite Z,  the sole is as smooth as a baby's backside.

Even the USGA's list of identifying characteristics is sparse:

TOE: SRIXON (with S underlined)
HEEL: SRIXON (with S underlined), (loft)

While we can't promise this one will ever make it to retail, we expect it will appeal to the purists among you who don't want/need adjustability, and who appreciate simple, clean lines.

Stay tuned for more details.