ping-forged-tour (2)

PING’s release cycles are among the most predictably reliable in the golf equipment world, and the calendar tells us that both iBlade and the GLIDE 2.0 wedge are up next for updating.

Given that, it’s anything but a surprise to see that replacements for both models have either found their way to the USGA’s conforming groove list, or – in the case of the wedge – into Bubba Watson’s bag.

What is surprising is that both new clubs are forged. To the best of our recollection, PING hasn’t released a forged iron since Anser. PING’s R&D team has consistently told us that they’d only forge a club when they believe forging will allow them to make a better product?

Is that the case here? PING isn’t talking yet, but we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more about the Forged Tour iron.

Photos of the GLIDE Forged Wedge come to us via a tweet from PGA Tour’s Jonathan Wall. PING has been doing quite a bit of internal testing in the wedge space of late, but my suspicion – based on nothing but a hunch – is that the GLIDE Forged will prove to be a line extension rather than a direct replacement for the GLIDE 2.0.

As with the new irons, we’ll have to wait until PING is ready to talk to get the full story.

If PING’s pattern holds, full details for both new clubs should emerge sometime between mid-July and early August.