In addition to the 2nd version of Callaway’s upcoming Rogue Sub Zero, the USGA has added three new PXG Drivers to its conforming list.

Each of the three was submitted for conformity testing in a 9° model only, which, along with the deviation from PXG’s typical naming conventions, suggests this is a tour-only situation – at least for now. This could be a legitimate case of for tour use validation, or it may be a matter of putting the clubs in tour pro hands to see which 1 or 2 finds its way to retail.

2 of the 3 models feature 9 weights (the 3rd features 6). In each case, the weights are arranged in groups of 3.

My thinking is we’re several months away at least from any sort of official launch.



The placement of weights along the heel suggests the XX may feature, or at least provide the option for, a draw bias configuration.



Weight placement to the toe side could suggest a fade bias. However, it’s also possible that internal weighting, coupled with the back-favoring placement of 6 weights could lead a higher MOI offering.



With no front weight options, the suggestion is that ZZ is a high MOI offering that allows for neutral (heavy weight toe) or draw (heavy weight heel) settings.

What and When?

As I said, we could be several months or more out on this lineup. Given that PXG released 2 new drivers last March (and quietly released a 3rd a month or so later), it would be a bit of surprise to see new models roll into production so soon. That said, it’s possible that one or more of these could replace the nearly 3-year old 0811 which has remained in the lineup alongside the 0811X, 0811LX, and 0811XF

Stay tuned, but don’t hold your breath…it could be a while before we know more.