The thing I love about Titleist’s Vokey WedgeWorks releases is just as much the thing I hate about them.

More than just paint and some custom stamping, WedgeWorks offerings are unique. You won’t find the combination of lofts, grinds, and bounces in the mainstream (currently SM7) lineup. Some finishes are exclusive to WedgeWorks, and while you’re free to customize your WedgeWorks wedge to your heart’s content, the starting point isn’t the same head you can pull of any retail shop in America.

…and that’s what I hate about WedgeWorks.

If what you want is, for example, a 54° V Grind with or without an Oil Can finish, you’re not going to walk into Golf Galaxy and buy one. WedgeWorks is your only option, and you’re going to have to pay a premium for it.

Sometimes getting what you really want costs a little bit extra. That’s a life lesson, kids.


Such is the case with the newly released WedgeWorks K Grind Sand Wedge.

The story goes that the retail SM7 K Grind – available in lob wedge lofts (58° and 60°) – has proven popular and so the company wanted to expand the grind into the sand wedge space.

The ripple here is that with the new lofts (54° and 56°) Vokey has increased the bounced to 16°, making it the highest bounce offering in the Vokey lineup. Heel/Toe camber has also been increased while radius from the leading edge to the trailing edge has been decreased.


I don’t think anyone would argue that Vokey’s K Grind is its most versatile, but it does create a kind of balance. Playability on full shots isn’t sacrificed for uber versatility around the green. The K grind isn’t a greenside, open face, specialty wedge, but the design is ideal for players who rely heavily on their sand wedge as their go-to tool out of the bunker and around the green – and it’s worth mentioning that despite the higher measured bounce (generally recommended for softer conditions or steeper attack angles), the changes to camber and sole radius allow for more creativity around the green.

“The K Grind is one of my favorites, and it has been a great lob wedge. But now we’re seeing a trend on tour of players using more 54° and 56° wedges greenside, where versatility is key. Wedges at this loft have to work incredibly well for full swing shots, particularly controlling trajectory, and this is why the measured bounce is 16°. But I’m particularly excited about the enhanced camber of this wedge. The camber allows the high measured bounce to be much more versatile from tight lies and greenside shots. We tightened the radius from the leading edge to the trailing edge, so what a golfer will see and feel is the club gliding through the turf and sand.” – Bob Vokey

As with standard SM7 wedges, the Vokey WedgeWorks K Grind offers progressive CG and spin milled grooves.



The new Vokey WedgeWorks K Grind will be available on Wednesday, June 13 on starting at $195 – base price includes up to 10 character stamping (straight or freestyle), custom shaft band and BV Wing grip. They are available in either a Brushed Chrome or Oil Can finish.

Available Models
Brushed Chrome: 54°, 56°
Oil Can (RH Only): 54°, 56°