One thing I’ve always wondered is just what does the O in Odyssey’s O-Works putter line stand for. Is it O for Odyssey or is it O for “O wow, the putter face has hinges?”

In either case, Odyssey’s O-Works putters are just the latest in Odyssey’s long line of top-selling flat sticks. In fact, the #7 copped 4th place in MyGolfSpy’s 2017 Most Wanted Mallet testing.

And just last week, Odyssey announced the O-Works Red and Black series selected O-Works putters being released in, you guessed it, red and black.



Whether you like your O-Works in black and white or red all over, Odyssey is convinced they have a putter that’ll work for you. They’re also sure the unique Microhinge Insert Technology that’s co-molded into Odyssey’s Thermoplastic Elastomer Feel Layer will help you roll the biscuit into the basket, and make you feel good doing it.

O-Works hinges

Does this tech really work? Do color schemes help you put better? MyGolfSpy is looking for three avid golfers to test, review and keep an O-Works putter of your choice and let the golfing world know what you think.


As you know, MyGolfSpy takes its product testing very seriously. All of our reader reviews are published in our Community Forum (click here to check them out). We expect a lot from our reviewers – writing a thorough, detailed and honest review is a full two-month commitment, requiring extensive range and on-course work as well as participation in the Forum itself to answer questions and discuss product performance with other golfers.

That means to be a potential reviewer you must be a registered member of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum, where you’ll find thousands of like-minded golfers from all over the world anxious to talk about golf equipment.

To apply to test, review and keep an Odyssey O-Works putter, here's what you have to do:

- First, if you haven't already, please sign up for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to register).

- Second, apply ONLY in the Odyssey O-Works Putter Test/Review Application Thread in the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here).


We'll announce the testers in the  Community Forum next week.