With everything else going on in the golf world, it almost squeaked by that this year is the 65th anniversary of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.

Sure, it’s had more lives than your average cat, but the fact is Hogan is still here and has firmly planted its stake in the ground as an OEM to be taken seriously. It’s been an impressive year for the reborn company, with the release of the new Equalizer wedge, the new Hogan Edge iron set and a wee bit of a reboot of its original iron with the Ft. Worth 15 Black.


Hogan introduced the Ft. Worth Blacks back in April as a slight update to the original Ft. Worth 15’s with modifications to the V-sole and some progressive center-of-gravity alterations to improve playability. And then there’s the look: a high-end Diamond Black Metal (DBM) finish that chemically infiltrates the 1025 forged head and lasts seven times longer than PVD.

Hogan says the Ft. Worth Blacks are designed for highly skilled players looking for accuracy, feel and consistency in their iron play. If you fit that bill, we’d like to give five of you the opportunity to try these out for yourselves and let your fellow golfers know if they live up to the Hogan name.

This review opportunity is open to any golfer in the U.S, Canada or the U.K. (Sorry lefties, only righties for this one).


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Good luck!