Everyone likes to test drivers, and most of us like a little competition to go along with it.

And if there’s a prize at the end that’s seriously cool? Well, that just drops a big old scoop of awesome right on top, doesn’t it?

We’re looking for 8 of you - that’s right, EIGHT! - to test and review (and keep!) a custom built Cobra F7 or Cobra F7+ driver and compete with your fellow testers using Cobra Connect.


Arccos Powered!

The eight golfers selected will compete against each other through the middle of September using the Social Media element of the Cobra Connect system, an exclusive Arccos-powered stat-gathering and social sharing system built into every Cobra F7 and F7+ driver. You’ll compete against your fellow testers for weekly prizes in areas such as Driving Handicap, Long Drive, Smart Distance, Driving Accuracy, Fairways Hit, Social Media participation and overall driving improvement.

If you’re a social media kind of person who thrives on trash talk, and if your nostrils flare when prizes are on the table, this one is for you!

There will be weekly prizes courtesy of Cobra-PUMA, including hats, apparel, shoes and other swag, but the Grand Prize is truly one worth fighting for…


The Grand Prize includes clothes, shoes and a complete set of Cobra golf equipment - including a bag, irons, wedges, hybrids and fairway woods (driver not included, ‘cause you’ll already have one. Putter not included, ‘cause Cobra doesn’t make one).


How To Apply:

This one's a biggie, so please follow these instructions to the letter.

To be eligible, you must first be an active member in good standing in the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to register if you haven’t already)

You must also - and ONLY - apply in the Official Cobra Connect Challenge Application Thread in the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here).


As you know, MyGolfSpy takes its product testing very seriously. All of our reader reviews are published in our Community Forum (click here to check them out). We expect a lot from our reviewers –and in this case we're asking for your commitment to participate in a month-and-half long competition to include on course efforts, social media interaction and MyGolfSpy Forum participation - but on the plus side, you could win some pretty cool prizes (including that Grand Prize!) and you'll have a blast along the way!

Remember, you must apply in the Official Cobra Connect Application Thread on the Forum. We'll be announcing the testers in that thread early next week.

Good luck!