Today, is a big day at MyGolfSpy.

2017 will be an even bigger year for the consumer.

We are taking advantage of our expanded capabilities, and for the first time ever will independently test all the clubs in your golf bag. That means the driver down to the putter.

This year, the culmination of my 18-year career and the purpose of MyGolfSpy will finally be revealed. I am confident you will once and for all see what #PowerToThePlayer really means. I truly believe what we're working on will change the golf industry forever and for the better. And it all starts today. We have fought tooth and nail behind the scenes to bring you something we think all of you deserve. The truth. Unfortunately, many industry insiders have done their best to try and keep us from doing that. We have received legal letters from many of the major manufacturers to try and change what we report to you. From day 1, we have turned down all advertising dollars from all the major manufacturers. This is the only way to ensure that our testing protocols and the resulting data, remain pure and above the influence. We have poured our hearts and souls into testing the right thing for one purpose: You, the golfer.

Who Is In & Who Is Out

Today, we ask for your help for what we hope is the last time. And for that help, everything you give to us will be given right back to you (more on that below).

Below is a list of all the companies that are supporting unbiased testing for 2017.  The companies who chose not to support our testing are also listed.


What We Want To Test For You

Marketing has unfortunately become more important than the actual performance of a product nowadays. We have all seen the claims and by this point, if they were all true, we would be hitting 400-yard drives by now. Any company can make a claim, the true test is seeing which companies stand behind those claims. Our job is to find out which products perform best when tested against the competition.

Companies decline to participate for many different reasons.  The companies that declined to participate in this year's test have done a great job marketing their products and often have the most to lose by participating in independent testing. So, while we understand they may decline based on their individual business interests, our only interest is the consumer.

That means we have to test these products even when manufacturers decline to participate voluntarily.

The list of products we hope to buy and test for you:

What You Get For Donating

For everything you give to us, we will give back to you plus a little more.

All those that donate today and support unbiased testing will get the following:


Support Most Wanted

Our mission is to inform and protect the golf consumer.  We are independent and unbiased. Our content and equipment reviews are based on truth and data, not ad revenue and politics. We make this expertise accessible to our readers making them smarter players and consumers.

Our data-driven Most Wanted series is a great example of the value we provide to golfers looking for unbiased information they can depend on.


Please consider making a donation to help support MyGolfSpy's Most Wanted Testing.

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