April Fool’s Day Post

It has become somewhat of a tradition for guys in the blogging world to post April Fool’s Day articles.  So when the day approached us last week we began brainstorming.  We asked a few people around here for ideas and polled some of our readers…we had a pretty good list going when we got an email from a fellow blogger with a April Fool’s Day prank post that we knew was the one. If you did not read the post you can see it here: MyGolfSpy Acquired By ESPN – (Press Release)

Oh The Phone Calls This Created

We knew this was the one…but we never thought it would have created the amount of emails and calls that this one did.  Unfortunately our comment section was broken and not working properly the day of the post.  So many of you who tried to post your comments could not get them on the site.  So, this created a barrage of emails and phone calls coming merely minutes after posting asking us about the details of the sale to ESPN.  It also created a bunch of emails and phone calls with people unhappy with us and many people unsubscribing from our email list saying we had sold out to the man.

Well fortunately this was just an April Fool’s post and we did not sell out to ESPN.  But we did appreciate all the emails from those that liked the idea of the sale and those who hated it as well. So thanks for all those who participated in the April 1st prank….it was a lot of fun 😉  And for all those who unsubscribed from our newsletter we hope it did not offend you too much.