“Drive for Show, Putt for Dough”

That first part is no joke. Nearly everyone wants to show off how far they hit the ball , and what better way to do it than with live stats from the course?



After sifting through mountains of data, Arccos has confirmed what most of us inherently know. Guys not only love banging the driver, they love telling their friends all about it, which is exactly what Arccos Golf is helping you do with their recently announced Arccos Driver platform.

Stat tracking is still in its infancy, and to this point it has proven to be a slightly mundane process with difficult or even overwhelming user interfaces. From what we gather, the majority of users only stick around for a few rounds.

Despite golfer’s inability to make a long-term commitment to stat tracking, one thing stood out when the team at Arccos was sifting through its data to better understand how users interact with the system.

Golfers care about the driver. More specifically they care about how far they hit the ball on their best drive.

Shocking, right?


Leveraging that information, Arccos did something that so many others in golf seem unable to do; they’ve focused on fun. Distance is still king and Arccos is embracing that immutable fact by making driving the ball a game where golfers compete against themselves, their friends, and even strangers from across the globe.

How Arccos Driver Works


With Arccos Driver you screw a bluetooth tag into the butt end of your driver’s grip. At the start of your round you turn Arccos app on, and then you play your round like you normally would. Just don’t forget to keep your phone in your pocket so you don’t lose the connection between your phone and the Arccos tag.

Arccos will automatically detect your driver when you pull it from the bag, and will use its internal algorithms to determine the spot from which you hit your second shot, thus giving you driving yardage each time you hit your driver.

Not only will individual drive stats be tracked, but at the beginning of the round you will be presented with unique challenges based on previous activity. This will include things like hit a driver over 240 yards, or hit 4 fairways during your round. You’ll also get some basic GPS functionality to help you find your way to the green even while the driver is resting comfortably in your golf bag.


At only $79, Arccos driver, while not a complete stat tracking solution (it doesn’t pretend to be), is the most affordably priced stat tracking option on the market today. If all you really care about is your driver, and Arccos’ data suggests that a good number of you, the Arccos Driver product will give you everything you want.

How does Arccos driver perform on the course? We’ll put it to the test as soon as we possibly can, and if you’re lucky, we might even include a video.


While you missed out on the pre-order pricing – you can still get on the list to pay only $79 for your Arccos Driver today.

For more information, visit: Arccosdriver.com