By the looks of it, June 1 is the unofficial start of summer release SZN. There’s plenty of miscellaneous stuff starting to pop up on our radar and first out of the gate is the limited-edition Arccos Smoke Smart Sensors.

If you’ve been keeping up with golf equipment releases over the last several years, you know that it’s not uncommon for club companies to paint it (doesn’t much matter what it is) black to freshen up the lineup in the heart of two-year release cycle. Given how popular the approach is, there’s little reason why accessory companies like Arccos shouldn’t get in on the action.

To be clear, the limited-edition Arccos Smoke Smart Sensors are identical to the Gen3+ sensors that launched last month. So what you get are 13 standard sensors along with the new P3 putter sensor that’s 40-percent smaller and 20-percent lighter than the original.

Beyond that, the black-and-gray limited-edition Smoke Smart Sensors offer golfers another color option for their Arccos sensors. And while that might seem trivial, golfers are particular so there’s little doubt in my mind that the green accents were a non-starter for somebody … or even a bunch of somebodies.

There’s also a case to be made that swapping green accents for gray might make a sensor easier to find in the grass should it pop out after a club is thrown in disgust. That’s something that’s totally never happened to me but, again, it has probably happened to someone.

an image of arccos smoke smart sensors

Arccos Smoke Smart Sensors – Bundles and Pricing

The limited-edition Arccos Smoke Smart Sensors retail for $224.99 which includes the first year of membership. After the first year, membership is $12 per month.

Existing Arccos members can purchase these sensors at a discount rate of $149.99. They are also available bundled with the new Arccos link for $299.98 (a $75 savings).

The limited-edition Arccos Smoke Smart Sensors are available now.

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