Ben Hogan Player’s Black Combo Set – Key Takeaways

  • Hogan’s PTx Pro/Icon blade combo set gets a black finish.
  • Diamond Black Metal – or DMB – finish provides durability.
  • Direct-to-consumer price is $840 for a seven-piece set.
  • Available today at

The new Ben Hogan Player’s Black Combo Set isn’t exactly “new” but it definitely scratches an itch. For the record, it’s virtually the same Player’s Combo Set the company released last May but in a Diamond Black Metal finish.

“It’s purely based on consumer demand,” says Hogan CEO Scott White. “We’ve been shocked by the number of calls we’ve been getting asking for the Player’s Combo set in black.”

The original Hogan Player’s Combo set features Hogan ICON blades at the top end of the set and PTx Pros at the bottom. The original set comes with either a PTx Pro 4-iron, a Hogan UiHi utility 4-iron or a 22-degree VKTR+ hybrid.

The Player’s Black Combo set, however, is available only in the PTx Pro/ICON option, at least for now.

“We’re trying to keep our business as simple as possible,” explains White. “The UiHi is a good seller but utility irons, in general, are kind of a specialty club. But given the success of the Player’s Combo set, offering it in black is something we’ll consider.”

Diamond Dogs

The obvious question about any black finish is how long will it last? It’s a fair question, making Hogan’s use of Diamond Black Metal – or DBM – noteworthy.

Hogan has been using DBM since introducing the Ft. Worth Black nearly irons three years ago. DBM is unique in that it’s neither a coating nor a plating. The black material is actually embedded into the carbon steel.

DBM is the Rolls Royce of black iron finishes, especially in terms of durability, which is what most golfers care about. It’s roughly seven times more durable than the commonly used PVD and about a jillion times more durable than black oxide or black nickel.

And since DBM is embedded into the carbon steel itself, the process actually makes the iron harder. That means your grooves will last longer.


Like virtually every other OEM, Hogan enjoyed a big 2020, despite being shut down for nine weeks in the spring. White says sales grew in excess of 50 percent for the third year in a row last year.

“That’s certainly coming from a small base but we’re really pleased with our progress,” he says. “We were certainly in the right place at the right time when COVID hit. People were—and still are—somewhat reluctant to go into a retail golf shop. So buying online is a natural thing now.”

Expect more news from Hogan this spring. We should see some equipment updates come April as well as enhancements to the Hogan website and its demo program.

“The demo program really is our best marketing program,” says White. “We get somewhere around a 70-percent sales conversion rate. People who try our clubs wind up buying our clubs. It’s a no-brainer for us to continue to prime that pump.”

Price and Availability

The new Hogan Player’s Black Combo set is available starting today on Ben Hogan’s website and at Hogan-certified fitters. As mentioned, the set includes the PTx Pro cavity-back irons in the 4- through 7-irons and the ICON blades in the 8-iron through pitching wedge.

Hogan’s loft matrix is pretty straightforward. The four-iron is 22-degrees, and the rest of the set maintains four-degree increments all the way to a 46-degree pitching wedge.

The seven-piece set sells for $840 with your choice of the following iron shafts in your preferred flex: KBS Tour-V, True Temper Dynamic Gold or UST Recoil 760 or 780. There’s no upcharge for graphite. And you can get any grip you want—as long as it’s the Ben Hogan Lamkin Signature in either standard or midsize.

And if you’re looking to round out your set, Hogan is also offering a special deal on its 18-degree VKTR+ hybrid. It’s $100.00 (regularly $150) to Player’s Black Combo buyers.

Shipping is free in the U.S. for any order over $750. For international orders, Hogan offers a $40 to $50 flat rate shipping fee for most of the planet (Australia and New Zealand are a little more). Duty and other international taxes are built into the selling price on Hogan’s international website.

Length, loft and lie adjustments are no additional charge.

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