Best Golf Bag Deals

Walking or riding, we all want to have a great bag to hold our clubs. Getting one at a great price is a big plus as well. Let’s take a look at some of the best golf bag deals we currently found on strong performers in our most wanted testing.

Stand Bags

While a good stand bag might not improve your golf game, they certainly can help make walking the course a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. That said, the wrong stand bag, such as one with poor strap design, poor balance, or lacking storage, can make a round on foot frustrating. Let’s take a look at a few bags that should provide a great walking experience without breaking the bank.

Wilson Staff Exo

Ranked the Best Value Stand Bag in The Best Stand Bags of 2019, the Wilson Staff Exo provides everything you could want in a stand bag. Functional storage pockets are easily accessible while walking, and wide 5-way dividers make pulling and replacing clubs a breeze. A versatile strap system keeps the bag comfortable on your back and sturdy legs are stable on the ground. Admittedly the limited color options might not be to everyone’s taste and the water bottle location isn’t the best. Still, if one does suit your style, then it’s an excellent option for the price.

$199.99 / $149.97 (25% OFF)



OGIO Shadow Fuse 304

Walkability is a lot about weight. While a pound or two might not seem like much, over the course of walking six miles during a round, it adds up. The Shadow Fuse is the lightest full-size bag option offered by OGIO, a reliable brand for bags. The Sulpher option will undoubtedly stand out on the bag rack, but all colors feature a clean, minimalist design.

$200 / $119.99 (40% OFF)


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Datrek Trekker Ultra Lite

While not the most well-known name in golf bags, Datrek has a long history of producing strand bags and comes from the same family of brands as Bag Boy. With the Trekker Ultra Lite, weight is once again the primary concern, and this one comes in at just 3lbs. Additionally, this is consistently one of the least expensive bags tested, so it’s light on the wallet as well. You will be giving up a pocket or two from the average stand bag, and the 4-way divider means you might have to think a bit more about club organization.

$189.95 / $115 (40% OFF)


Titleist Players 4

While they didn’t manage to score any category wins in The Best Golf Stand Bags of 2020, Titleist bags did manage better than average results in almost all of them. With the Players Stand Bag, you can expect something that does pretty much everything well and has a respected brand logo on the side. The design underwent significant upgrades in 2019, giving the bag a sleek, modern look. Despite these facts, the Players Stand Bag doesn’t really carry a premium price, so it provides decent value for golfers looking for a major OEM.

$200 / $139.99 (30% OFF)



Cleveland Stand Bag

Some brands will change their color options or tweak their designs slightly year after year to introduce a “new” bag, but not this stalwart from Cleveland. A top performer in the Best lists going back to 2018, this bag continues to offer convenient storage and comfort at a reasonable price. Even at its low-price point, the bags zippers are noted as strong and durable. While not as sleek as some of the latest bag designs out there, this Cleveland Stand Bag will undoubtedly get the job done for many rounds to come.

$159.99 / $148.99 (7% OFF)


Ping Hoofer Lite

If your goal is to get the best stand bag with a specific feature set, but without the need to do a lot of research, getting something that carries the Hoofer name will probably not go wrong. Arguably, the Ping Hoofer line really popularized the stand bag, and they continue to perform well year after year. The Hoofer Lite bag has many of the best features of the regular Hoofer, just in a lighter, skinnier package. This weight makes a difference if you’re stretching 18 holes into 36, so it makes sense that this bag consistently rates highly. One downside of this continued success, at least for consumers, is that Hoofer bags rarely get a significant discount. Occasionally, the Hoofer Lite bag can be found for less than MSRP, but it is a great option even at full retail.

$199.99 / $169.99 (15% OFF)


Cobra Ultralight

The last stand bag to get the Best Overall spot beside the Ping Hoofer was the Cobra Ultralight bag in The Best Stand Bags of 2018. Although the bag hasn’t been updated since it is still an overall reliable option. The Cobra Ultralight is compact and light, as the name would suggest, but doesn’t sacrifice much in terms of storage and features. The straps are detachable, a good feature if using a push cart, and the leg system was rated Best in Class. While there aren’t many color options still available, it remains a solid choice, especially for Cobra fans.

$189 / $169.99 (11% OFF)


Cart Bags

For dedicated riders or golfers with a sturdy push cart, there is no doubt that the ability to fit your whole golf life into one bag is a convenience. With dedicated pockets for most everything, having a good cart bag means never being finding yourself without your rain gear or a spare glove. Here are a few options to get the best bang for your buck on cart bags.

Srixon Z85

This Srixon bag earned the top spot in Best Cart Bags for 2020 for any bag not made by Ping. While those Ping bags may have dominated, this one certainly wasn’t far behind in any respects and can be found for significantly cheaper. The Z85 is a traditional cart bag visually, with tons of storage and wide dividers to prevent snagging, but is surprisingly light for a bag of its size and also very stable on the cart because of its well-engineered strap pass-through. On the negative side, the bag is only available in four color options, so matching your personal style might not be possible.

$249.99 / $182.33 (27% OFF)


OGIO 2020 Convoy SE

If your goal in a cart bag is simply to carry as much as possible, then the OGIO Convoy SE is the bag you are looking for. This bag topped the rankings for storage capacity, but is still less expensive than a lot of major OEM options. With 13 total pockets, including a large insulated cooler, the Convoy will get you through even the longest rounds. All that extra storage doesn’t come with much extra weight, however, as this bag is significantly less bulky than competitors like the Ping DLX. The main drawback to the Convoy SE might be its somewhat ungainly appearance as it didn’t rank especially high for style.

$229.99 / $189.99 (18% OFF)


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Cleveland CG

Like the well-reviewed stand bag counterpart, the Cleveland CG is a no-nonsense cart bag that does everything well without costing a lot of money. While there’s nothing fancy, the bag ticks most of the needed feature boxes. The pockets are large, but don’t interfere with each other and the insulated cooler is generous as well. A separate putter well is a plus, especially for those who use an oversized grip. Admittedly, the bag material doesn’t have as “premium” look and feel as other cart bags, but it will certainly get the job done.

$159.99 / $139.99 (21% OFF)


Datrek Transit

The Datrek Transit doesn’t have the best looks or the best storage and, while it’s less expensive than a lot of top bags, it’s not the cheapest either. What puts the Transit on this list is a unique feature that few bags have; wheels. This bag has two attached wheels and an extendable handle to make transporting the bag much easier. While that may not seem like a big deal for a bag that’ll spend most of its time strapped to a cart, imagine hauling your full cart bag frequently through an airport (or even a large parking lot) and the benefit becomes clear.

$199.95 / $144.95 (28% OFF)


Bag Boy Chiller

With a name like “Chiller,” this bag has to do something special in the beverage-holding department. While the ability to hold a full six-pack of 12oz cans is fairly impressive by itself, the real attraction with the Bag Boy Chiller is that the insulated cooler is removable, meaning you can take it right up to the snack bar to load up on cans and ice without having to juggle a bunch of cans back to the cart or use wasteful plastic bags. Besides the cooler, this bag has all the other cart bag essentials, such as a 15-way divided top and locking system to keep it securely strapped to the cart. Color options are limited, especially at the lowest prices, but that might be a small concession in exchange for its features.

$219.95 / $189.95 (14% OFF)


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