Looking for the absolute best stand bag in golf? Man, it ain’t an easy thing to sort out.

Is there a more confused category in golf than stand bags? Some call them carry bags, which implies something that isn’t true for 90% of us. What is it you’re really looking for?

Do you buy a stand bag because it weighs practically nothing, ideal for your 54 hole marathon; or do you simply want what amounts to a lightweight cart bag, something with plenty of storage, that’s just a bit easier to carry from the car to the driving range and back?

Whatever your reason for choosing a carry/stand bag instead of a cart bag, we’ve got you covered. This guide will help you zero in on the BEST bag for  your particular needs.


The Contenders:

GoLite Pro
Razzle Dazzle 2.0
Aerolite SPR
Air Sport
Sport Lite
Factory Lite
SS 7.6+
OS 7.8+
4 Series
Hoofer 14
Sun-Mountain-Three5Sun Mountain
Supreme Hybrid
Tour-Edge-Hot-LaunchTour Edge
Hot Launch
Xtreme II
Wilson-NexusWilson Staff

Declined To Participate

  • OGIO asked for an extension but ultimately did not submit any bags
  • Callaway did not respond to email requests
  • Cleveland has no new product at this time
  • Titleist declined our invitation to participate


The Metrics:


*weight is as measured with straps and rain hood (factory weights do not include these or any other detachable accessories)

Testers were asked to put clubs into a bag, take clubs out, use pockets, zippers, carry straps, and place bags onto carts. Notes and scores were taken for each individual metric (view Scoring Metrics tab). For push cart testing we utilized BagBoy (Quad and TriSwivel II) and Sun Mountain V1 carts.

Bags were loaded for a round of golf, adjusted for the best possible fit, and carried in order to asses adjustment and carry comfort.

    • Storage – The number and usefulness of pockets. Types of storage, eg: external tee holder, insulated drink pocket, ball pocket. Ultimately, how functional is the available storage as a whole?
    • Style – The variety and number of color options available. Has the manufacturer made an effort to create a colorway to suit a variety of individual tastes?
    • Stability – Stability of the bag with legs extended. Can the bag stand without using the legs?
    • Club Binding – Regardless of the number of dividers, this metric simply measures how much club grab/binding occurred when inserting and removing clubs from a bag.
    • Comfort – Measure of comfort when the bag when fully loaded and carried for golf.
    • Adjustment – Ease of strap adjustability. Is the range of adjustment robust enough to allow the bag to fit a variety of golfers?
    • Features – The robustness of a given bags feature set. Do each of those features function as intended?
    • Full Length Dividers – The number of full-length dividers. Because full-length dividers do not always equate directly to less club binding, the count does not directly factor into the overall rating.

Golf’s Most Wanted Stand Bags


DATREK Go Lite Pro


Good: Packed with an amazing feature set including a marker pouch, Velcro glove patch, divot tool pouch, external tee holders and 14 YES 14 full-length dividers. At only 5.5 pounds, the DATREK Go Lite Pro leaves nearly nothing to be desired.

Bad: A bit tighter on storage than some others. For guys looking for a bit more room, we suggest the TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid.

Notes: Perhaps off the radar, the DATREK Go Lite Pro is the little bag that could…and does. Looking to walk 36 this weekend? The Go Lite Pro travels comfortably. The storage space is more than most true walkers will be accustomed to, and did we mention it only weighs 5.5 pounds with 14 full-length dividers?

Buy Datrek Go Lite Pro

Wilson Staff neXus


Good: Comfortable to carry, incredibly stable with or without legs and rides extremely well in a cart. Easily adjusts on your back, and gives plenty of space to over-pack for your next walking round.

Bad: Somehow this bag managed to gain weight since last year. Could use a few small features like a marker pouch, but now we’re getting picky aren’t we?

Notes: Seriously, when this bag hit the scales we were left scratching our heads – it’s not heavy by any means, but not nearly as light as before. Beyond that, the Nexus remains among the best in its class.

Buy Wilson Staff Nexus

TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid


Good: When size matters the TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid steps up to the plate in a big way. If you ride frequently but want a viable carry bag, this is your bag. Lots of storage with manageable weight.

Bad: Is it PC to say she’s big? That’s not a bad thing, but it is a particular consideration in this category. Given its larger size, we wish the Supreme Hybrid had one or two more bells and whistles (what’s up with the fabric towel loop?)

Notes: At quick glance the Supreme Hybrid could easily be mistaken for a cart bag – and that’s the idea. This is the cart riding stand bag. For the majority of you who want a carry bag but will never walk a full round with your bag on your back – TaylorMade is your new best friend. The design is a dramatic improvement over last season’s model.

Buy TaylorMade Supreme Hybrid

Oakley Factory Lite


Good: Incredibly lightweight. If you want to play fast, this bag won’t hold you back.

Bad: There are no incredible features here. The Factory Lite offers the bare essentials and that’s it.

Notes: For those seeking to be quick and nimble, the Oakley Factory Lite is your best option. Don’t be misled by its 3 pound weigh-in. We include all accessories (straps, rain hoods) in our measurements, and we expect most of you lightweight carry enthusiasts will leave those behind anyway.

Buy Oakley Factory Lite



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