Black Taylormade R1 {vs} White Taylormade R1?

For all you out there that absolutely cringe at the thought of ever playing a Taylormade white driver (there seem to be lots of you) there might be some good news.  I say might because right now it is just a rumor that Taylormade will be releasing a Black Version of the R1 Driver.

Will they? Well if you call Taylormade and ask them, they will most likely give you the typical slightly annoyed response in a PR representative voice, "We don't respond to rumors".  Ask me what I think...and I would say, "Yes".

Taylormade, you might not respond to rumors but maybe you will respond to the HUGE majority of golfers out there that said they would actually prefer the black version over the white model when polled.  I'm sure they've done some of their own focus group studies and are aware of this already but yesterday we posted this image on Facebook and asked our fans to vote...and vote they did.  The re-visited trend of white drivers is fairly fresh in golfers minds so I know it takes time to adapt to the change, but I was shocked at the outcome on this one.


So far the results on Facebook show the Black Taylormade R1 Version in the lead with (305 Votes) vs (25 Votes) for the White Taylormade R1.  That's anoverwhelming majority, 82% of the vote going to the black model.

And since it had such a large response on Facebook we thought we would ask you to vote as well.  So tell us, which do you prefer.  Black Taylormade R1 {vs} White Taylormade R1?

VOTE! - Black Taylormade R1 {vs} White Taylormade R1?

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