Design the future of bad golf! Win a bunch of BogeyPro swag!

OK MyGolfSpy’ers, it’s time to get creative! Our friends over at BogeyPro Golf are calling on average-to-bad golfers everywhere for new T-shirt ideas. You can see their existing line up here to help get you in “the zone”. Remember they are all about embracing mediocrity. It’s not bad to shoot bogey in these guy’s eyes, it’s a true accomplishment!

“Why yes, I’d love to enter!” We’re looking for concepts here (slogans, headlines, thoughts on illustrations), no need to get out the markers and paper here, although if you’d like to get all “Donald Ross,” have at it!

The winner will pick up:

  1. BogeyPro Buckcap – It’s ugly, it’s nasty and it’s the most comfortable bucket cap you’ve ever worn.
  2. BogeyPro Covert Cooler – Hides 9 beers in most any golf bag. To the untrained eye it looks like a SHOE BAG. Well not really.
  3. BogeyPro Golf Ball Set – Zero Distance, Poor Spin & No Control. Okay, so they’re really top quality balls. They just come in honest packaging.
  4. BogeyPro Sip Sleeve Can Cooler – Printed with something quippy about golf and unlike those “other guys” can coolers, they actually fit in golf cart cup holders!
  5. BogeyPro Country Club Bumper Stick – Tell the world you’ve “arrived” with this status symbol.
  6. BogeyPro Barware – Set of 4 honest-to-goodness golfin’ & drinkin’ beer pints.

“Hell no, I’m not entering!” For those of you who are too busy, without a creative bone in your body, scared of the government reading your public posts or just can’t type, BogeyPro has set up a great offer for MyGolfSpy’ers. For the months of May & June just use the code MYGOLFSPY at checkout and take 15% off your order AND (yes we said AND) they’ll throw in a MyGolfSpy personalized,/suitable for framing COURSE RECORD certificate. It’ll tell people right away when they walk in your office (or bathroom) that you’re a “player”.

How To Enter! (Contest Ends May 17th – 12PM EST)

Entering is quick and easy!  All you need to do is take a look at their current offerings to give you a better idea what they are looking for in their next t-shirt design and then do a few seconds of brainstorming.

Then simply post your ideas (slogans, headlines, thoughts on illustrations) in the comment section at the bottom of the article.  And that’s it!  You can enter as many times as you would like.  Please make sure to make each entry a separate comment.  If you decide to take it a step further and want to send in sketches or artwork (you don’t have to) you can do so by sending them to [email protected]

  • Brainstorm
  • Post ideas in comments section of this article
  • That’s it!  It is that easy.

You guys have done great in other contests like this…so…let’s see what the MyGolfSpy crew can come up with this time!

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