The Best Stocking Stuffers For Every Budget
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The Best Stocking Stuffers For Every Budget

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The Best Stocking Stuffers For Every Budget

The best golf gifts don’t necessarily come in long rectangular boxes. There are plenty of great stocking stuffers that help keep the budget in check and can benefit a golfer’s game.

We dug deep into these best stocking stuffers from golf cart accessories to eyewear to whiskey toothpicks. Have a look and see what you think will fit in your favorite golfer’s stocking this year.

Grooveit Mini G

The Grooveit Mini G will fit in even the smallest of stockings. The Mini G keeps clubs clean and lets the grooves work the way they are supposed to. 

The Mini G’s magnet secures the brush in place on the bag but is easily detached when needed. For $19.99, the Groovit Mini G gets the job done.

  • Three-year replacement warranty
  • Does not have water like the standard Grooveit
  • No metal bristles that scratch the club 

Yeti Rambler Mug

Nothing hits better than a hot drink on a cold day. This sleek, durable Yeti mug is designed to keep your hot beverages hot. It fits under most espresso machines and is machine washable. Could it be the perfect coffee mug? That’s for you to decide

  • 10 available colors
  • Magslider Lid

IZZO Swami Kiss

Who said you can’t fit golf technology into a golf stocking? The IZZO Swami Kiss will be a welcome surprise to any golfer who wants to hit more accurate shots in 2024. This compact GPS has a magnet to stick to any golf cart, scorecard tracker and a USB charging port. 

The Swami Kiss has more than 38,000 golf courses loaded so there’s little chance the person on your list won’t have access to their course. For $79, the IZZO Swami Kiss offers a lot of benefits and is effortless to use.

  • Accurate distance to the front, center and back of green
  • Water-resistant body
  • Auto course recognition

Red Rooster The Cape Glove

Golfers are particular about gloves because they need a combination of performance, feel and style. The Red Rooster Cape Glove checks all the boxes with its Cabretta leather, flexibility and all-climate grip. 

The Cape Glove retails for $24 but you can also subscribe for periodic glove deliveries and save money. Red Rooster always ends up as one of our top-rated gloves in the game so if you think your friend needs a better connection with their club, this is the glove to try.

  • Premium materials
  • Breathable yet durable
  • All-climate performance

SuperStroke Zenergy Tour Putter Grip

Golfers tend to fall in love with their putter and can be reluctant to change. With the SuperStroke Zenergy Tour grip, nobody needs to change their putter. The Zenergy Tour is a new no-taper grip with a CounterCore weight system and performance tracking sensors. 

In other words, the grip is smarter than we are. 

With Spyne technology to make it easier to square the face and Multi Zone Texturing that optimizes feedback, golfers of all ability levels can benefit from the SuperStroke Zenergy Tour. 

The grip costs $29.99 and you may throw in a gift card to pay for the grip replacement at a local shop.

  • Helps golfers square the face
  • Quiets the hands to increase confidence 
  • Five colors 

Pins & Aces Bitcoin Ball Marker

Golfers love Pins & Aces magnetic ball markers not just because of their functionality but also because of their unique designs. This particular model features a gloss gold chrome top coat. Priced at $14.99, the Pins & Aces ball marker makes a great add-on to a divot tool or hat clip.

  • Made from cast steel 
  • Durable and premium feel 

Martini Golf Tees 

Even golfers who don’t like martinis can’t deny the benefit of a golf tee that tells you exactly how high to tee your ball. The Martini tees are 3 ¼” tall,but they stop at 1.75″ to line up exactly with the sweet spot of the driver.

Higher handicappers, new players and those who struggle with consistency off the tee will really like the Martini. The $12 pack of 10 tees comes in a few different colors.

  • Made from a polymer resin blend for extra durability
  • Helps connect players with the sweet spot of the driver
  • Bright colors make them easy to find 

Maxfli Golf Balls 

The Maxfli Tour, Tour S and Tour X golf balls were some of the top performers in our 2023 golf ball testing. Golf balls can make a great stocking stuffer but get the good ones. 

Each Maxfli dozen retails for $39.99. 

Here’s a little cheat sheet to help you know which one to choose:

  • Maxfli Tour: Soft feel, mid spin, three-piece ball 
  • Maxfli Tour S: Softest, lower ball flight, low spin 
  • Maxfli Tour X: High iron spin, soft feel, four-piece ball

Pins & Aces Beer Sleeve

If you’re bringing your own beverages to the course, Pins & Aces has created the perfect solution that will also work as a golf stocking stuffer 

For just $10, this seven-can sleeve easily fits in standard golf bags and keeps your drinks cold as you play.

  • Non-stick exterior helps it slide right in the bag 
  • Discreetly holds seven cans 
  • Keeps drinks cold 

JBL Clip 3

With the JBL Clip 3, golfers can listen to their favorite music while they enjoy a round of golf. With over 10 hours of playtime, playing an extra 18 was never an easier decision. The JBL Clip 3 is waterproof and durable and clips easily to the side of the bag. 

One of our favorite things about the JBL Clip 3 is the 12-plus colors available. The gift feels just a little more personalized when it’s the favorite color of the golfer on your list. For $39.99, the JBL Clip 3 isn’t just for golf, it’s great off the course as well.

  • Wirelessly stream sound 
  • Waterproof
  • Durable enough to hook onto a golf bag 

Desert Fox Phone Caddy

The cup holders on a golf cart aren’t really made to fit a cell phone. Instead, golfers use the Desert Fox Phone Caddy to keep the phone locked onto the golf cart. The Desert Fox is a completely adjustable phone holder so you won’t have to worry about what phone your gift recipient is using. 

The Desert Fox retails for $24.99 and comes in several different colors.

  • Can slide the phone in and out with ease
  • Perfect with a golf GPS app
  • Secure strap design, not just a magnet 

NIKE Web Belts 

An important part of making a statement on the course is pulling together the perfect outfit. The NIKE web belts are a perfect way to do that, with three belts for the price of one. You get a black, white and gray web belt that will fit up to a 42-inch waist. 

The set comes with one buckle and golfers can interchange the belts to make them work with any shirt or pants they have in their wardrobe. Normally, the NIKE web belts retail for $30 but are often on sale for less than $25.

  • Three belts, one interchangeable buckle 
  • 100% cotton

Walter Hagen Seersucker Shorts

The Walter Hagen Seersucker shorts are on sale for around $22 right now and they come in three different colors. These wrinkle-resistant shorts are made with moisture-wicking technology to help you stay comfortable and dry. 

Fold these in half and put them in the stocking for a little reminder of the golf season that awaits in 2024.

  • Regular-fit shorts with 10-inch inseam
  • Wrinkle-resistant fabric 
  • Stretch gripper waistband to keep the shirt in place 

BCGG Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers 

The Bad Cards Fore Good Golfers game features a 107-card deck to make a round of golf like something you have never experienced before. To play this game, golfers grab a card from the deck and read the challenge aloud.

The cards can make the game a lot more interesting. Some cards are challenges, others are advantages and they will work regardless of the handicap of the golfers in the group. The price for this unique game is $29.99.

  • Players of all handicaps can enjoy 
  • Good and bad cards to make golf a true game of luck 

Titleist Tour Pom Pom Beanie

Ask any winter golfer what the secret to staying warm on the course is and you will likely get the answer, “the winter hat.” Having a warm and reliable winter hat like the Titleist Tour Pro Beanie is a necessity. 

The hat features the Titleist tour logo, a player-preferred cut knit and a single pom pom. For $35, the Titleist Tour Beanie will make any golfer look like they know what they are doing.

  • Comfortable fit 
  • Available in black, white and grey 

Daneson Whiskey Infused Toothpicks

Bringing the bottle of whiskey with you to the first tee may not fly with the starter. However, these bourbon-soaked toothpicks will slide right on by. In addition, the Daneson Whiskey Infused Toothpicks work as a great gift to throw in the stocking. 

For $40, you get four packs of 12 toothpicks per bottle. They come in a nice box that makes a great-looking gift.

  • Soaked in barrel-aged Kentucky bourbon 
  • Sturdy toothpicks
  • Not overpowering 

Crap Eyewear Dropout Boogie Sunglasses

For the stylish golfer on your list who could benefit from a little sun protection, the Crap Eyewear Dropout Bougie Sunglasses are a good stocking stuffer. These are made with handcrafted bio acetate frames and offer 100-percent UVA/UVB protection. 

The polarized CR-39 lenses make it easier to find a golf ball on the course. With a price of $79, the Dropout Bougie also comes in a few different colors.

  • Biodegradable and plant based 
  • RX ready 
  • Wider fit 

VivanTee Golf Gloves 

The last of the best stocking stuffers for 2023 are the VivanTee golf gloves for men and women. The gloves are $39.99 each and are made from fine Indonesian AAA Cabretta leather. For golfers who value feel on the course, these gloves will check that box. 

One thing to note about the VivanTee gloves is that, in addition to quality materials and great grip, they also have some beautiful patterns to choose from.

  • Available in different sizes and patterns for men and women 
  • Comes with a signature ball marker 

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