Let the pomp and circumstance of the Ryder Cupbegin.

In 2016, Callaway added the Truvis (soccer-ball looking) pattern option as a bit of an experiment to its Chrome Soft line of tour premium balls. The red and white colorway garnered an unexpected amount of positive attention, leading to a second (black and yellow) version.

This past spring, Callaway expanded the line again with a limited release “Stars and Stripes” Truvis edition. Today it announced that it is re-releasing the Chrome Soft Truvis Stars and Stripes ball and augmenting the Truvis platform with Chrome Soft X Stars and Stripes and Chrome Soft European balls.

The Stars and Stripes ball features a patriotic red, white and blue design whereas the European Truvis features a white, blue and yellow layout, inspired by the European Union flag.

Possibly lost in this release is that Truvis isn’t a novelty play to win the favor of golf-loving soccer fans. According to Callaway research, the Truvis pattern promotes better alignment, focus, and visibility.

The guts of the ball are the same as the standard Chrome Soft and Chrome Soft X balls. A Graphene-infused Dual SoftFast Core helps promote lower spin and higher launch off the driver, and a thin, soft urethane cover generates controllable spin on chips and pitches.

Timing this release just ahead of golf’s favorite biennial team event clearly isn’t coincidental, and Callaway certainly won’t be alone in seeking to capitalize on some well-natured, yet profit motivated geographic division. It might even be part of a friendly wager or two.

All three Truvis editions will be priced at $44.99/dozen and available at retail on August 24th.