“I know Callaway and its products very well and I am excited about joining such an iconic company, there is a lot of opportunity ahead.” said Chip Brewer.

Interim CEO Out – New CEO Steps In At Callaway

A little over 6 months ago Callaway began their search for a full-time CEO.  George Fellows was out and interim CEO for Callaway, Tony Thornley stepped in to hold the spot.  With losses quarter after quarter and a stock price that continued to slide Thornley had his work cut out for him at Callaway…even as an interim CEO.  But as I said back then, I had a feeling he was there just to “cut the fat and get Callaway down to a lean, mean, well oiled machine.”  And that is exactly what it looks like his job was for the past 6 months.

Ex-CEO at Adams Golf Chip Brewer Named New CEO at Callaway Golf

Now fast forward to yesterday when the news hit that Callaway had named their new CEO, Chip Brewer.  You might recognize the name, Brewer has spent the past 10 years as President and CEO of Adams Golf.  So is this a good move? I for one…think it is.

Many of you might not know this or think this about Adams Golf (a recent article I published and comments from our readers made me more aware of the amount of you that don’t think Adams is a big time player in the industry) but they in my opinion have the best chance at taking on Taylormade head on for golf equipment market domination (well at least until this move was made).  Why you ask…because of the products in their line-up…and because of Chip Brewer. They continue to make close to if not the best performing and technologically advanced clubs in the business.  Especially when it comes to drivers and irons.  And they do it on a shoe string budget compared to the big boys.  And now that Callaway has Brewer as their CEO I think you might see Callaway turn the ship around and begin to make some big moves to try and become #1 once again.

So Can Callaway Regain #1 Spot Again?

On paper Brewer looks like a great fit…but it’s his experience that made him the obvious choice for the new gig in my opinion.  I think your gonna see some big changes at Callaway over the next few years that is for sure.  And with the move now official with Brewer leaving Adams…I think your going to see some big moves there in just the next couple weeks as well.  This time next year Taylormade might have more competition than they have had in years…which is great for the industry.  Both companies (Adams & Callaway) are making great product they just need a couple puzzle pieces in place to try and make a move for the top spot.  And Brewer in my opinion is the biggest one for Callaway Golf.  The first puzzle piece for Adams is still in the works (more info on that soon).

Your Thoughts?

In my opinion the only place Callaway can go from this point is up…but I want to hear your thoughts.  So how do you think this move will effect the Callaway Golf brand?  Do you think this was a good move?  Do you think they will become a powerhouse once again?  What do you think will change?