VIDEO – Nike Golf’s Tom Stites On Covert Technology

Mar 19, 2013 | 17 Comments

It’s fair to say that no driver on the market this season generated the same volume of early buzz as Nike’s VR_S Covert. Featuring bi-axis hosel adjustability, a cavity-back design, glossy red paint, and Nike’s swoosh semi-prominently displayed on the crown; good or bad, golfers had plenty to talk about.

The VR_S Covert owns the title of the most unique, and if Nike is to be believed, the most revolutionary driver of 2013. Nike Golf’s President, Cindy Davis, told me that the VR_S Covert is “the most exciting club product we’ve ever launched”.

Watch as Tom and I discuss the Covert’s cavity, how the aligning of sine waves allows for the decoupling of loft and face angle, and what the future holds for Nike driver technology. [Watch Now]

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Cobra-PUMA Video – Put on Your Orange Pants – Watch & Listen

Feb 20, 2013 | 3 Comments

Ever heard of Jose Miraflor? If you played TaylorMade irons or wedges in the early-to-mid 2000s, there’s a good chance that if you don’t know Jose, you’re familiar with his work. Jose started out building clubs for Titleist before moving over to the product side at TaylorMade. Now Cobra-PUMA’s Director of Product Marketing, Jose is definitely not your typical marketing suit.

So, put on your orange pants…make that blue pants; watch and listen as Jose and I chat about bringing new products to market, making drivers go farther, and getting yours truly hooked up with Cobra-PUMA Ambassador and Symetra Tour player, Blair O’Neal.

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Must See Video – TaylorMade Unfiltered

Feb 19, 2013 | 48 Comments

We think we’ve got something pretty special today. It’s not every day that a golf company executive gives you a completely unfiltered and honest assessment of his company and where they fit in the industry today. When we spoke with Sean Toulon, Executive VP of TaylorMade-adidas golf, that’s exactly what happened. The interview features some great soundbites for you TaylorMade fans…and you other guys too.

Whether you love them (fanboy), despise them (hater), or one of the few who can legitimately claim indifference (comatose), it’s hard to make a rational argument that anyone else in the industry can waggle the proverbial needle quite like TaylorMade. These guys get people talking, which is exactly why I wanted to talk to them.

Watch the video (the whole damn thing) to learn more about TaylorMade as company, because even if you think you know everything about TaylorMade Golf, you’re probably going to learn something. And if you’re one of those guys who hates absolutely everything TaylorMade does, you might just come away from this feeling differently.

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2013 PGA SHOW – “Training Aid Awards”

Feb 1, 2013 | 14 Comments

From big companies like Sky Golf to guys running their own operation out of their garage, anyone can be a napkin sketch away from creating a training aid that will revolutionize the way we practice…or one that just takes up a lot of space in land fills. This year I saw a lot of great new aids and a lot of crap if I’m being bluntly honest. Thankfully, I had my bulls*** filter to help me tell you the difference.

That said, here’s what I think about the “Best Training Aids of the 2013 PGA Show”.

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Jan 29, 2013 | 15 Comments

The ladies at the PGA Show have become part of the tradition for those that have attended…but do you know how this trend got started? A man with a tiny and somewhat insignificant product at the show had a BIG idea {insert: light bulb above head}. He thought to himself, “Maybe I should put a pretty lady in front of my booth and see what happens.” And, well, the rest is history! And with that being said, it has become somewhat of a golf industry tradition to have what other sites call the “Booth Babe Poll” , I prefer to call it the “Ladies of the Show Poll” but Tomato…Tomahto. {GO VOTE!}

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Jan 28, 2013 | 15 Comments

After 15 consecutive years attending the PGA Show…nothing amongst the million square feet of show floor space still gets me as excited as the area in that back left corner of the exhibit. When I walk through those doors the first place I go is still the same…the putter section.

More than anything I just love putters. But year after year you begin to admire more than just the newest designs displayed amongst the exhibitors booths. Start spending time with the guys in the putter industry and you quickly realize that these guys aren’t cut from the same cloth as all the others. Of course everyone is passionate about their product across the show room floor…but these guys…literally have puddles beneath their aching feet filled with the blood, sweat, tears and metal shavings that have gone in to their designs.

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PGA Show 2013 Best Big OEM Booth

Jan 24, 2013 | 24 Comments

You might be surprised to learn that year over year not much changes with the big OEM booths at the show. TaylorMade is huge. TourEdge is smaller, and every company brings a unique identity. With the possible exception of the reinvented Callaway Golf, big OEM booths at this show either reflect business as usual or even business scaled down.

Even in what feels like a slightly subdued setting, some booths outshine the rest. Here’s a rundown of what the biggest names in golf are bringing to the table. Check them all out, and tell us which is your favorite. {Vote Now}

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TOMORROW! – MyGolfSpy Heads To The 2013 PGA Show

Jan 21, 2013 | 30 Comments

Tomorrow, MyGolfSpy and crew leave on red-eye flights headed to Orlando, FL. for the 2013 PGA Show!

The BIGGEST golf event of the season is here again! And we are on a single mission…to bring the PGA Show and the behind the scenes experience to all the MyGolfSpy readers. We will of course take thousands of photos, shoot tons of video and get the inside scoop about all the new golf gear you haven’t yet seen for 2013. But you will also get to hear and see exactly what we think about what we are seeing LIVE this year.

Got something specific in mind you want to see? Got a question you want asked? Heard about a new product you want us to investigate? How about a product you are seriously wanting to buy but don’t want to pull the trigger on until one of our guys has seen it up close and personal? Well, this week is all about YOU, so make sure to let us know exactly what you want us to report back about.

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