Fairway Woods


Jul 23, 2018 | 74 Comments

What characteristics determine a great fairway wood? Is it Distance? Accuracy? Forgiveness? We’ve found that it’s a combination of all those things.  This year we leveraged our testing facility in Virginia[…]

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Nov 28, 2012 | 36 Comments

Our system is robust, but it is neither all-encompassing nor absolute. It is a damn good guide. Please treat it as such. We do the tests. We give you the data, but it’s ultimately up to you to decide what’s most relevant for your game.

So with that said, having tested each of the clubs myself, and having been present for every moment of testing by our other golfers; my own personal conclusion is that if we repeated this test 100 times, and very likely if we did it with 100 different golfers (assuming we continue to pull from a broad range of abilities), the order might change, but the top 4 would remain as they are. I personally believe that in any order, they represent the best fairway woods that 2012 has to offer. {See the Final Results}

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Nov 27, 2012 | 26 Comments

Accuracy matters…at least it should, but nobody is going to market a fairway wood (or anything else longer than a putter) with the promise that it’s 17 Yards Straighter (Closer to the Target). Incidentally, if you’re missing by 17 yards with your putter, you’ve got a huge problem (blindness perhaps), but I digress.

The sad little other thing is that golfers aren’t rational creatures. Why would we want to play from the fairway more often if it’s going to cost us 5 or 10 yards on those 2 or 3 balls we hit nearly perfect every round? Screw that, I want to hit it far. If that means the deep stuff, so be it.

And so it goes. But good golfers…better golfers, they seek out the clubs that help them put the ball in the fairway. The rest of us…while we ain’t exactly brilliant, we’re smart enough to know that 300 yards into the woods is still 300 yards. Chicks don’t dig the straight ball. {Read More}

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Nov 26, 2012 | 52 Comments

Let’s be honest; nobody gave a damn about fairway woods.

And then IT happened. The “it” was the TaylorMade’s RocketBallz Fairway Wood.

Seemingly overnight people started to care about Fairway Woods again. The new found interest in golf’s forgotten clubs provided the perfect opportunity for our staff to round up ten nine fairway woods from the biggest names in golf, hit them head to head against one another, look at the data, and sort out the longest, the most accurate, and the best overall fairway woods on the market today.

Is the RocketBallz really the longest? What’s the most accurate fairway wood on the market today? What’s the best option overall? And what about those clubs that while not ideal for everyone, might prove to be great options for the right kind of player?

We wanted to find out. {See The Results}

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ULTIMATE REVIEW! – Boccieri Heavy Fairway

Oct 2, 2011 | 14 Comments

“For Boccieri fairway woods the emphasis is on control…and looking at our raw averages (all shots), the Boccieri Heavy Fairway is the most accurate fairway club we’ve tested this season. But…accuracy is only one factor in our testing…you will want to read more to find out the full truth.”

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ULTIMATE REVIEW! – TourEdge Exotics CB4 Fairway Woods

Sep 21, 2011 | 20 Comments

“Come on a GUARANTEED +20 YARDS with a fairway wood?! Now that is what you call a bold statement. Well that and the hype surrounding this club of late were definite reasons why this was a MUST club for us to review for you.”

And guess what: The data suggests that on our testers best of swings, those assertions are probably correct, some testers achieved distances they don’t normally reach with drivers we test! >> {READ REVIEW!}

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May 10, 2011 | 26 Comments

Distance alone is probably reason enough to consider the K15. Heck, I’d even make the case that some of our testers could probably replace their driver with this. On performance alone, the K15 Fairway, is every bit as impressive as its big brother the K15 driver!

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