I Definitely Still Love My Clicgear 3.0

(Written by: @Golfspy_Dave) The Clicgear 3.0 Push Cart was one of the first products that I reviewed for MyGolfSpy.  At the time, I thought that it was the perfect push cart, thus earning a score 100/100 possible points.  If you have not read that review, and you are in the market for a cart, you can read the original review HERE.  I am happy to report that I am still head over heels with my Clicgear.  I have used the cart weekly for the past year and it has never let me down.  The Clicgear 3.0 has been great in all weather conditions and outside of some dirt, shows no real sign of wear.  The 2012 PGA show did not feature the unveiling of the Clicgear 4.0 like I had hoped it would, but it did feature a product that definitely caught my eye, the Clicgear B3 Cart Bag.  Could the company that brought the “perfect” push cart to the marketplace also bring us the perfect golf bag?


The Clicgear push cart is a stylin’ rig and perhaps it set the bar a bit high for the B3.  While there are two bags offered in bold colors (white and red), the other four bags in the line are black with colored accent piping.  While I think that overall the bag looks good, I think that the predominance of black is a departure from what made the Clicgear push carts so aesthetically pleasing.  The Clicgear B3 carts come in bold colors, and I expected the bags to be just as bold.  The B3 cart bag that I had in for review was a perfect match for my black with red accents cart, but it was just a bit more conservative than I expected.  I didn’t expect Molhimawk plaids, but with the precedent set by the Clicgear cart colors, I did expect more vibrancy.

Color aside; the bag does have an overall attractive look.  On its own, the bag looks very symmetrical and some of the colors feature stripes to add flair.  Where it counts, on the Clicgear cart, the bag looks very natural.  One of the cool things about the Clicgear cart is that it can be adjusted so that it will carry virtually any golf bag.  That being said, some of the larger and smaller bags can look a bit goofy perched on the cart.  The B3 is designed to ride the Clicgear cart, and it shows.  I think that the shape of the B3 cart bag makes it a perfect visual complement to the Clicgear push cart.  I just wish that the bold colors were there as well.  Then it would truly be a visual stand out.



To be totally fair, it is important to remember when discussing comfort that this bag is designed to be used on the Clicgear push cart.  In this context, I found the Clicgear B3 Cart Bag to be comfortable to use.  The positions of the straps facilitate easy loading and unloading of the bag from the trunk.  The base is wide enough to allow the bag to sit still when you put it down.  No awkward leanings trying to get the bag to balance.  The shoulder strap is nicely padded.

The only situation where I found the bag be a bit uncomfortable was when I would carry it, without the cart, for some driving range sessions.  Maybe I didn’t load enough gear into the base of the bag, but the bag seemed a bit top heavy once it was all loaded up with clubs.  It wasn’t going to tip over, but it was just not totally comfortable to carry.  Again though, this is not a carry bag, but a bag for the Clicgear push cart.  I wonder if the base of the bag is not a bit light on purpose to make it easier to lift the front wheel while using the bag on the cart.  Making the car turn easier with the bag on it seems like a good trade off for having the center of gravity seem a bit high while carrying clubs to and from the range.



OK here is where the rubber hits the road.  The real selling point of the Clicgear push cart for me was the innovative design and high quality.  If I am going to pay $200 for a push cart, it had better be well designed and well made.  In this way, the B3 lives up to the Clicgear name. The bag is made from high quality materials and the zippers are robust enough to take some all-angles pulling on the course.  These features are not really unique to this bag though; some other push cart bags also have the detachable shoulder strap on the front side so the body of the bag can fit on the cart unobstructed.  This is made by Clicgear though, and as with the cart, there are some design elements that set it apart from the other bags.

The 14-hole top is angled on two planes so that when it is on the push cart, your clubs line up with minimal banging into each other, all the time remaining easily accessible.  The layout of the holes on the top looks a bit strange, until you put it on the cart.  Then it just seems like it is the way it should be laid out.

The base has nice rubber pads so it won’t slip while standing.  However, it is the strangely shaped depression that demonstrates innovative design.  The unusual shape at the bottom of the bag fits perfectly onto the bag support piece at the base of the cart.  Almost like they were made to go together…  Rubber inserts at the top of the bag line up nicely with the upper support arm and really keep the bag in place once you secure the cart’s bungee cords.

The cart also comes with twelve pockets.  One for each month.  Seriously though, the pockets are so voluminous that you could almost pack twelve months of gear.  Even the nice soft lined pocket, frequently small on other bags, is huge on the Clicgear B3.  The large pockets on the side also have smaller attached pockets inside of them, one for first aid, and the other functioning as a hidden valuables stash site.  There is a pouch for the included whole cart cover as well as a clever neoprene pocket that allows you to easily get that provisional ball.  Not that you ever need one, of course.  The insulated pocket even detaches for those days where you don’t need snacks and adult sodas on the course.  Not sure when those days would be, but you can leave that part of the bag at home if you want to.



So I didn’t carry this bag for a round.  Duh, it’s not a carry bag.  I did use it on a power cart once though.  The rest of the testing time, I used it on my Clicgear cart.  Unexpected, I know.  You know what?  It worked great!  The bag’s design allows for easy pocket access both on the push and the riding cart.  On the push cart the bag is steady as they come.  Not once did it twist.  Not once did it feel off balance either.  The bag did not cause the cart to veer to either side, nor did it make the cart harder to turn.  Although the bag weighs 8.5 pounds empty, it feels very light on the cart.  Again, maybe this has something to do with the center of gravity on the bag.  Not sure about that, but I am 100% sure that this is the best bag that I have used on the Clicgear, and I have used more different bags than most.  The match between cart and bag is dead on.

If you already own a Clicgear cart and are shopping for a bag, you need to seriously consider the Clicgear B3.  It is easy on the body in and out of the car and it just simply works like it should on the cart.  Even if you own another brand of push cart, you may want to give one of these a go.  Or maybe sell that cart and buy a Clicgear 3.0 and a B3 cart bag.

I even have a bit of a “peanut gallery” story that goes with this bag.  One of my playing partners has rehabbed a repaired knee enough that he can finally ditch the power cart and start walking again, with the help of a push cart.  We had played together a couple of times, with him riding, and me pushing the Clicgear 3.0/B3 bag combo.  The day his doctor cleared him to walk, he bought both the bag and the cart.  That is no small investment as the bag retails for $220He swears that it is the best golf purchase that he has ever made.



While the score for the Clicgear B3 cart bag may not be perfect, the bag is exceptional.  On the Clicgear 3.0 cart, this bag has outperformed the dozen other bags I have used.  While the bag may not have the great Clicgear colors that I have come to expect from the carts, the B3 cart bag does possess the design pedigree of Clicgear.  Perhaps we will see more colors in 2013.  Regardless, Clicgear B3 is a great push cart bag and it is well worth checking out.


The John Barry Aggregate

Did you think that I forgot the JBA score?  No way!  For those of you who did not read my review of the Callaway ORG 14X Cart Bag, the “John Barry Aggregate” score represents how many beers one could theoretically carry in the insulated pocket of the bag.  While the Callaway bag scored a perhaps unbeatable 18, the Clicgear B3 scores a respectable 5.  If this seems low, remember you can always reload at the turn.  And with the detachable feature, you won’t even have to take your whole bag into the restaurant.