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Cobra BiO Cell Iron Review

Written by: John Barry
Photos by: John Barry, Bradley Clark, and Foster Attebery

The snow keeps coming, the rain, the winds, but when will Spring arrive? Soon I hope, as the courses are calling for their dose of my golf ball distribution program that I like to call my golf game!

Now nothing says Spring Golf like new clubs, and I have the honor of being a tester for the Cobra Bio Cell Irons. Now the name Cobra Golf, to me, inspires bold colors and patterns, prowling the fairways and greens, standing out and playing with swagger, all of which appeals to me.



Short Iron Performance

Accuracy – I hit my targets! I hit my targets! Please note that with my game, the shorter the better and the accuracy of these clubs are a perfect fit for me. I seem to hit my #8 and PW more than any clubs in my bag, and I love these.

Distance – With a game improvement iron, I found in general my distance to be off about 5 yards, but with my money sticks (my short irons) I would say less than 2 yards.

Trajectory Characteristics – The ball flight tends to be a bit higher than my current irons and they are easy to get into the air.

Forgiveness – When I mis-hit these irons, which is less often than the others, it’s stays in play and never seems to be more than 10 yards off line, unless the dreaded snap hook enters play.

Control – When I approach a shot, I aim dead center of where I want to go. I do not have the ability to move it right to left, and have some repeatable ability to move it left to right. I can still achieve this with the Cobra Bio Cell Irons. Getting them up in the air or keeping them lower in the wind, check, very doable with these.

Short Iron Score: 95


Mid Iron Performance

Accuracy – My mid-irons, my current or the BiO Cells, tend to be a lot more offline than my short irons. This being said, I find these to be no more than 15 yards off line on average. That may seem high to others, but for me, that’s between the trees and not in the water.

Distance – They are about 5 yards shorter than my current clubs.

Trajectory Characteristics – The ball soars into the air for me, great height and the flight path I would expect from an iron I want in my bag.

Forgiveness – This is where the Cobra BiO Cell irons really excelled for me. I hit bad, not solid shots all the time, and my current irons really punish me. Now my friends marvel that even when it looks ugly, I am not searching for 45 minutes to find my ball! This maybe the most forgiving iron I have ever played.

Control – I can launch my ball up, keep it low if have to and keep it towards the middle of the course. This is all that I ask of my irons, and the Cobra Bio Cell delivers like MyGolfSpy does!

Mid Iron Score: 96


Long Iron Performance

Accuracy –I normally only play Hybrids for the long irons, so this was a study in futility. The first couple days out on the range, they were just like my current irons, in the woods or the parking lot. I did improve my accuracy with the BiO Cells, but not enough for me to feel comfortable playing them daily. Fortunately for those who prefer hybrids, the Cobra BiO Cells are also available in a hybrid iron set.

Distance – My long irons are never long, they are like less accurate mid-irons for me. I would say in general, they are 5-7 yards shorter than my CB2s.

Trajectory Characteristics – When I did pure them, the height of the long irons was great, even better than my hybrids. There could be some practice potential here.

Forgiveness – As 50% of my long iron swings are mis-hits, I have to say, they are not as bad or dangerous as my current irons.

Control – My control with long irons is like a Kardashian at a thong shop, zero! This will be for the follow up review as I continue to hit them on the range and try and improve with long irons in general.

Long Iron Score: 80


Performance Notes

The Cobra Bio Cells are a game improvement set that gets you to the course in style, keeps you in play, and will help you become a better golfer. As a set of clubs, there really isn’t more you can ask for in irons. They have looks, they perform and they improve as advertised.

Total Performance Score: 90


The Subjective Stuff


General shape: They are kind of futuristic in over all shape, but follow the current trend, shape wise, for today’s game improvement irons.

Topline: The topline is not skinny, nor is it so huge that it will distract you, it’s just average.

Offset: There is a decent amount of offset, as expected for a game improvement iron.

Graphics: Cool, stylish, pink (or most any other color you might like), fun, playful and naughty all at once, kind of like yours truly!

Unique Details: A unique cavity back with weighting in different sports depending on the degree of the iron.

This iron is stylish, yet not classic, and being classic is not always a good thing. The game improvement category is crowded and BiO Cell can set itself apart because of the colors you can order the irons in. Really makes them feel like a customized club than an off the rack set.

Looks Score: 85


Sound and Feel

The irons have a solid but dull, thud to them when you strike them fully or off center a bit. This is not a bad sound at all, as irons should be seen and not heard! The feel is pretty close from the center and outwards like most game improvement irons. It’s consistent across short, middle, and long irons.

Why buy these clubs? Because you’re sick of losing a dozen or more balls a round. You want an iron that keeps you in play that lets you play the game out of the woods and be tick free. You buy these because Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever stinks to have during golf season! You buy these irons because you’re wearing a great pair of pants, and who wants to ruin them in the water or the mud?

Sound and Feel Score: 82


Likelihood of Purchase (LOP)

How likely would you be to purchase this iron? This is an iron I would buy, especially after maybe demoing them. They may not thrill you like a forged iron would at the store, but they more than make up for it on the course and the Middle of the fairway! I would buy 2!

LOP Score: 100


Subjective Notes

The Cobra BiO Cell Irons lures you in with an array of colors. It puts you under its spell with accurate shots and it takes you home with better scores and a much more positive feel for the game. There will come a time when you have shaved that handicap down, your working balls left and right, you’re down the middle of the fairway all the time. Until then, this is the set of irons for you, well at least me!

Total Subjective Score: 89



A great man once said, “it’s not how you play the game, but how you look playing it!” that great man shall remain nameless, since he loves great looking golf clothes and would rather drink beer on the course and have a great time with his friends. Golf is a social game, it’s meant to be enjoyed, not micro managed and over analyzed!

Visually, this club looks like what it is, a game improvement club, but it retains the style that makes me wish Rickie Fowler would wear the clothes I wear!

A top line that is not super thin, but neither is it distracting. A cavity back with different colors to make you stand out on the course, like my Pink Clubs! Mid-sized grips for my huge hands and huge style, stiff shafts for my over swinging approach and an out of the box fit, since I seem to be an average in only club fitting.

From range to course, throwing out my dead miss, a brutal hook that would make Smoking Joe Frazier proud, result were pretty uniform. The Bio Cells were about 5 yards shorter than my Adam’s CB2s, but I expected a slight drop off in distance. This was more than made up by my shots being way less off line, even on misses. I also noticed a much higher launch angle.

Feedback was a bit muted, but again, this is a game improvement club, and I couldn’t do much with a lot of club feedback anyway. I want to hit straight, I will do anything to hit it straight, and losing a few yards is a price I am more than willing to pay.

The Short and Mid-Irons are all an improvement accuracy wise for me. The feel is solid when I flush them, and still pretty solid and hard to notice when I don’t flush them. I can actually feel them working me towards the center of the fairway or the green. The Long Irons, which I do not play currently, were as expected, more erratic. Really with me, the longer the shaft, the worst I seem to do. I will be keeping my 3, 4, 5 hybrids.

The Cobra BiO Cell Irons when combined with my sense of style, rakish wit, and terrible game, are a perfect match. These clubs are going into my bag; yes they are my bag baby!

Total Score: 89.5


At the end of each forum review we ask our members to answer 5 very simple questions. We call it “The Five”. Clever right?  This is what John Barry had to say about the Cobra BiO Cell Irons.

The Five

Will this iron go in your bag?. Why or Why Not?  

It’s in my bag baby!  Why? Because I can find the ball I actually hit!

To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this iron?

My beer drinking, weekend warriors who want to play and not hunt for their balls all day!

How, if at all, did this iron change your overall impression of Cobra?

 A club that I knew would look great but found out that Cobra likes the everyman player!

What feature would you change or eliminate from the next generation of this model?

I might find a way to add a little more color and flair, maybe something to match my pants!

What feature do you really like, and would most like to see continued or evolved in future models?

The weighting on different irons and maybe a black finish to set the colors off!


Cobra BiO Cell Irons start at $699 for the traditional iron set with steel shafts. A Hybrid-Iron combo set is available starting at $799.

 Buy Cobra BiO Cell Irons Now

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