Could This Bring The $400 Driver Out Of Extinction?

What will be the next REAL technological advance in drivers?  No…not the type of “hype technology” we are becoming accustomed to.    I mean one that will actually make golfers shell out $400-500 bucks for a driver again?

In my opinion the days of $400 drivers are very close to becoming extinct and the only thing that can raise them from the dead and keep them off the “Endangered Species (Drivers) List” is to actually come out with a driver that will make golfers be willing to wait in a line wrapped around a building to be able say “I got one of the 1st FILL IN THE BLANK Drivers!  You know…the feeling Steve Jobs creates every time he launches a new iPhone…like the new iPhone 4 which just launched that had some buyers waiting in lines for over 10 hours to be able to snag one of the first new gadgets

Technologies To Be Added To The Extinction List

So what will this next technology be?  Well…first I can tell you some of the technologies that it WON’T be.

  • new adjustable weights on sole or on exterior of drivers that supposedly change ball flight characteristics.
  • minoot aerodynamic improvements with the shape of the heads
  • guaranteed longer drives – especially when the technology responsible is simply making the shaft longer or lighter

Now…I keep a list by my desk with my personal brainstorming sessions that include everything from sketches to club concepts to theories of ideas that could be the next REAL technology used in golf club design.  You know like the way Titanium drivers were when they first hit the shelves.  No…I might not be the next “Golf Nostradamus” when it comes to golf club technological advances…but I am quite sure the above list will only be 1-2 year fads that further frustrate the golf consumer over time.  The golf industry desperately needs a game changing technology.

Are Computer Chips In Drivers Next?!

So when will companies start to actually begin releasing products that we feel like we HAVE to have again and ones that justify us spending $400 for a driver again?  And could this be one of them (below)?  The rumors have been flying around for over a year now about a driver with a computer chip inside the head.  A computer chip that could tell you exactly how fast your swing was, where you contacted the face, etc. etc.  Well this is no longer a rumor!

We have been contacted by insiders from more then one of the major OEM’s now letting us know that yes it is true that they do both have this technology in the works.  Never know if they will make it to production but the questions is:

Would this be a technology you would wait in line for?

P.S. – Can you guess what company this concept comes from?


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