The Best Golf School in the World.

That’s a mighty bold statement – one that admittedly doesn’t fit well with MyGolfSpy’s Datacratic model. So, if you want to have a small rant about clickbait before moving on for the day, no hard feelings, but I’ll tell you this much; Martin Chuck believes he operates the best golf school in the world, and he’s stepped-up to try and prove it.

I know what you’re thinking: That’s an entirely subjective opinion. It’s next to impossible to quantify, and not for anything, as the owner and operator of the Tour Striker Golf Academy, Mr. Chuck might be a little biased on the subject.

Yup. I don’t disagree

What’s also true is that in MyGolfSpy’s near decade of existence no other golf coach has reached out to ask us to be evaluated. Martin Chuck wants his Tour Striker Academy reviewed to the Most Wanted standard. In fact, all of this started when Martin contacted us to ask why we don’t have a Most Wanted Golf School Category.

Short answer: Logistics.

Longer Answer: As much as I’d love to travel the world in search of the Svengali golf coach who can fix my abysmal golf game, there are prohibitions, not the least of which is my wife. I’d also hazard a guess that some of the guys with reputations to lose want no part of opening up their schools to MyGolfSpy.

Fortunately, we found a simple workaround that also creates an awesome opportunity for one of you.

Win A Trip to a 3-Day Golf School at the Tour Striker Academy

Martin Chuck has invited one of you to spend three days at his Tour Striker Golf Academy at the Raven Phoenix Golf Club.

He’ll cover the cost of airfare, lodging, and the golf school. All Martin asks in return is you show up with a desire to improve your game and a commitment to provide a fair and honest assessment of your experience.

Here’s what the winner can expect during the 3-Day Tour Striker Experience:

  • World-class instruction from Golf Magazine Top 100 instructor and Tour Striker Inventor, Martin Chuck and his team of coaches
  • Data-driven evaluation and analysis using modern technology like Trackman, GEARS, and BodiTrak
  • An individual instruction plan designed to target and eliminate your bugaboos (those core issues that cost you strokes on the golf course)
  • Supervised on-course play to work on shot selection, technique and decision-making in real golf situations
  • Take-home materials and ongoing engagement to help you build on the fundamentals established during the golf school

Martin believes that, above all else, it’s the continuing relationship with his students that truly separates the Tour Striker Golf Academy from the pack. Perhaps that’s why he’s received so many consistently positive reviews from his students.

It’s not pixie dust. It’s knowledge and the right plan. – Martin Chuck

Contest Details – Please Read Carefully

  • A spot has been reserved in the golf school running from Thursday, December 7th through Saturday, December 9th  (You’d likely need to fly into Phoenix on the 6th and out late on the 9th or on the 10th). If you cannot attend on these dates, please don’t enter.
  • Prize includes airfare, lodging, and golf school admission.
  • This contest is open to everyone worldwide, however, full airfare will be provided for US residents only. An international winner will receive a $375 travel credit.
  • As always, void where prohibited.

HOW TO Enter:

As you know, MyGolfSpy takes its product testing very seriously and that’s true of this Golf School review opportunity as well. All of our reader reviews are published in our Community Forum (click here to check them out). We expect a lot from our reviewers – writing a thorough, detailed and honest review is a commitment, as well as participation in the Forum itself to answer questions and discuss your experience at the Tour Striker Academy with other golfers.

That means that to enter, you must be a registered member of the MyGolfSpy Community Forum, where you’ll find thousands of like-minded golfers from all over the world anxious to talk about golf equipment.

To apply to attend a 3-day golf school at the Tour Striker Academy, here’s what you have to do:

– First, if you haven’t already, please sign up for the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to register).

– Second, apply ONLY in the Official Tour Striker Academy Thread in the MyGolfSpy Community Forum (click here to enter).


We’ll be announcing our golf school reviewer in the MyGolfSpy Forum in two weeks.