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Has The Former VP at Callaway Created the Next Ping Anser?

There are not many putter companies that haven't copied the Ping Anser. It is the most duplicated putter design ever. Which says a lot about both the putter and the designer, Karsten Solheim, who produced the Anser almost 50 years ago!

And there is lots to say about the designer of the new DGD putter line as well...Dick DeLaCruz...time will have tell though if his new putters will create as much of a following as Solheim's creation did. Although...if an individuals knowledge...experience...and expertise has anything to do with then Dick DeLaCruz might just have the next Anser on his hands. That is because DeLaCruz has always been an 'innovator' not a 'creator' in the golf club design industry.

Don't Confuse Creativity with Innovation

You see golfers often confuse creativity with innovation...what I am referring to is in regards to putter designs. Every year there are hundreds of creative putter designs that get released to the public...but very few are truly innovative. Especially in the mallet category...where you see the most creative designs but few actually perform any better then their predecessors. And even fewer do in the blade category...blades have actually not evolved all that much in regards to technology since the Anser.

delacruz putter
DeLaCruz Blade

The DGD "Sweet Slot" Putter Hopes To Change All That

One of many reasons the Ping Anser became famous was because the noise it made when people putted with it...the famous P-I-N-G-G-G-G-G. I am sure you are familiar so I wont go into too much detail but this sound was created by a slot cut into the bottom of the putter creating a "tuning" effect when the ball struck the face. And has since been replicated by almost every major putter manufacturer.

But, DeLaCruz in our opinion has made the first true improvement on the technology since its inception. They call it the "Sweet Slot" instead of Ping's "Sound Slot" which makes perfect since after you putt with one of the DeLaCruz masterpieces.

Never Mis-Hit Another Putt

Much like a musical instrument..when a wrong chord or string is struck you get a different sound then when the correct chord is strung. That is the principle behind these sleek and innovative putter designs...strike it too high, too low, too much too the left, or right and you will get a different sound then when struck on the sweet spot. The sound of the putter tells you exactly what you are doing wrong.

dgdgolf putters

Only The Beginning at DGDgolf.com

And this is only the beginning...because the DeLaCruz putters are packed with all kinds of other innovations.

  • Face - Ground w/Tool Room Grinder. Then (28) super fine score lines are machined to produce an optimal spin rate on greens
  • Neck - is seperate piece which is vacuum welded to allow for infinite assembly opportunities.
  • Finish - A black "Scratch Proof" finish...like never seen before. And also a Stainless Velvet Finish as well.
  • Made - Made in the USA...not many of those left.
  • and many more

A Must Have For The Putter Collector

If you are a putter collector like we are then you already know Dick DeLaCruz has produced some great ones in his career...and his new masterpiece is no different. The man just continues to push the envelope with every design he does...he finds a way to combine form and function in a way that is always one step ahead of the field. And you could get one FREE...just remember to leave your testimonial 😉

Check out DGDgolf.com

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