You've seen their new Tour Trusty wedges. You've seen the super game-improvement Baffler XL series, and yeah, some of you have seen some of Cobra's New BiO Cell Lineup as well. While we're still a couple weeks away from the Official release, somebody (I swear it wasn't us) took the liberty of posting the entire 2014 Cobra catalog online.

For Cobra the early leak is a bit of a gasoline enema; an uncomfortable surprise as they gear up for the official launch of what I can tell you is a pretty big (and important release for them). Last year was a bit of a proof on concept for Cobra. While white worked (for TaylorMade anyway), for a company the size of Cobra, releasing an entire flagship line with red, blue, silver, and orange crowns (while not offering traditional black), was definitely a bit of a gamble.

While I'm not going to lie and tell you that Cobra was a dominating force at retail, the AMP Cell sold reasonably well, and more importantly, what I saw anyway, was that golfers off all ages were receptive to Cobra's unique take on aesthetics.

The goal for Cobra golf in 2014 is to build on whatever momentum carries over from 2013, and to further convince golfers that the cool stuff they make really does work. The team at Cobra is anything but delusional. They know that competing with TaylorMade, and Titleist, and Callaway isn't as simple as painting a driver blue, but the Cobra team strongly believes that if they can be part of the discussion...if theirs is one of the 3 drivers you take with you into the hitting bay...if golfers are willing to give their products a serious look, Cobra believes they're going to win more often than they lose.

BiO Cell Driver


BiO Cell Driver Notes

Taking the bold colors out of the discussion for a moment, BiO Cell is a relatively traditional-looking driver. The BiO Cell pattern is visible towards the rear of the crown (some golfers do love visible technology). The hosel adapter has been updated with a new 8 position cog (sorry, not backward compatible), and SmartPad technology is a holdover from the AMP Cell.

For those who don't love bold colors, BiO Cell Driver is also available in glossy black.


Street Price: $299

BiO Cell + Driver


BiO Cell + Driver Notes

While BiO Cell + is the replacement for the AMP Cell Pro, this time around it's fundamentally different from the standard model. The 440cc model features a Venollum alloy crown. What we're talking about here is really next generation composite, which I suppose could make BiO Cell + the next generation ZL (which is going to make a lot of Cobra fans very happy).

Golfers are obviously going to notice the unique crown design. It's slightly reminiscent of our own Callaway Versa Driver mock-up. The idea is to call attention to that Venollum crown. My gut tells me it's going to be a polarizing feature, but thus far, among the golfers I know who have seen it, the response to the design is largely positive. It's grown on me, but I'm interested to hear what you think.

This year's model is adjustable from 8° to 11° (AMP Cell is adjustable from 7.5° to 10.5°) and  AMP Cell's Fade settings have been replaced with draw options. 8.5° is very intriguing for me. The shaft is a "real" Matrix 6Q3 (Red Tie), however the custom white graphics are a Cobra exclusive designed to better match the 5 different crown colors.

We'll tell you more about Cobra's own CG story when BiO Cell is official and everything.  Stay Tuned.


Street Price: $399

BiO Cell Fairway


BiO Cell Fairway Notes

As they did last year, Cobra is releasing two models, a 3-4 and a 5-7. The MyFly8 adapter allows for 8 settings for each model, which gives the AMP Cell fairway the capability to cover what we'd call a strong 3 wood, all the way up to what some would consider a 9 wood.

While we have to hold the specifics for a little while longer, sufficed to say, Cobra is confident they can hold their own with the other big name fairway woods on the market.


BiO Cell Hybrid


BiO Cell Hybrid Notes

What can you really say about a hybrid? The models (2-3, 3-4, and 4-5) are available. There is some overlap in the loft range which will allow more savvy golfers the freedom to choose their model based on things like shaft length and ideal face angle.

The design is reasonably compact (it won't easily be mistaken for a short-shafted fairway wood), and looks really sweet. What can I say...I love the idea of blue hybrid to match my driver.

Like the drivers and the fairway woods, BiO Cell hybrids are available in red, blue, silver, orange, and black.


Street Price: $189

BiO Cell Irons


BiO Cell Iron Notes

What we're really talking about is Cobra's answer to SpeedBladez and XHot/X2Hot, and whatever else you want to throw into the emerging distance iron category. The key for Cobra is the perimeter undercut that allows for BiO Cell's unsupported (fast) face. There's actually quite a bit of interesting technology built into the BiO Cell iron design (check back after we're official), but we're not sure how they'll fair up against more streamlined designs.

Like everything else in the Cobra lineup, color is a part of the BiO Cell iron story. You can order these game-improvement irons with orange, red, blue, or silver cavity badges.


Street Price:  $699 steel/$840 (give or take)

BiO Cell Irons Combo Set


BiO Cell Combo Notes

For those who prefer hybrids over long irons (and I think most of us do these days), Cobra's BiO Cell irons will also be available in a combo set. "Real" BiO Cell hybrids can replace 3,  4 and/or 5 irons.


Street Price: $799 Steel/$899 graphite

Jesper's Hat


Up Bill Cap Notes

I might be the only one who cares, but Jesper's signature Up Bill Cap has made its way into the Cobra accessories lineup. The one-size fits all cap is available in white, black, and tradewinds (how Cobra and PUMA will say "grey" in 2014). Retail price is $26.00

Womens Clubs & Carry Overs

For the ladies out there, Women's versions of the BiO Cell Driver, Fairway, Hybrids, and Irons are available in more female-friendly colors.

Two year life-cycles are the norm for forged player designs, so not surprisingly, the more player-centric AMP Cell Pro iron will carryover for the duration of the 2014 season.

Have Your Say

Tell us (and anyone who happens to be reading) what you think of what you've seen so far. We know Cobra's clubs will perform, but as far as the designs are concerned, what works for you, what doesn't?

Most importantly, what will it take for Cobra to become part of your own internal discussion when it comes time to buy your next driver, fairway, hybrid, or iron set?