MLA Golf’s original line of putters was a surprise top-performer in our Most Wanted Putters Tests. We think the strength of the design stems from the company’s Multiple Line-detection Activation (M.L.A. – see what they did there?) alignment system.

The idea, arguably the science, behind the design, is that the brain has 100,000 of these things called line detectors. These detectors help us help us figure out what we interpret as straight. When you can get several groups of these activators working together – as MLA claims it alignment system does – the theory is that it improves your ability to aim putts.


It’s certainly a different way to think about alignment.

You don’t have to fully understand the science to appreciate MLA’s performance in our tests. Our data suggests there might just be something to MLA’s alignment story – especially on longer putts, where testers reported feeling like MLA putters were easier to align with, and aim at, the target.


The thing is…while we have plenty of data to suggest otherwise, there’s still a large segment of golfers who believe that how a putter looks impact how it performs. A good sized contingent of testers, and I suspect readers too, felt like while MLA might win Miss Congeniality, with its unusual shapes and non-traditional color scheme, it wasn’t competitive in the beauty contest that is the putter corral.

This year, MLA Hopes to fix that.

2017 Refinements


The updates to MLA’s 2017 lineup are largely a response to the feedback received from MyGolfSpy and others. The new line (Tour Blade F&T) features a more traditional blade shape. That, coupled with a silver finish and a tone-downed approach to MLA’s bold color scheme, provides the same alignment functionality, without being quite so much neon-green-in-your-face about it.

It’s like one of those teen movies where the nerdy girl takes off her glasses and shakes out her ponytail. MLA has been sexy this whole time; the putters just needed a couple of subtle changes to make you notice.

Further strengthening the new models is the inclusion of weight kit. With the help of swappable 5g, (2) 35g, and 60g weights, you can adjust the toe hang and the weight of the putter to fit your individual putting stroke. Depending on the placement of weights, the Tour Blade F&T can be anything from a straight back straight through putter to a strong arc design.  The various weights also allow the static weight of the head to be adjusted from 310g on the light side, to nearly 420g on the heavy.


A New Grip

Finally, MLA is offering the Forward Grip (available in midsize and jumbo) as the standard choice on the Tour Blade F&T. The unique design of the Forward Grip puts your hands in a more natural forward position at address. The company claims this leads to improved feel, a reduction in grip pressure, and better distance control.


Several of our community members have put the Forward Grip to the test. You can read those reviews here.

Specs Pricing and Availability

The MLA Tour Blade F&T is available in 304 Stainless Steel or an 8620 Alloy Steel with a black PVD Finish. Both models are available in a variety of popular lengths, and both have a retail price of $399.

MLA is also releasing black PVD versions of its Tour Classic, Tour Mallet, and Tour XDream putters. Retail price on those models is $369.


All 2017 MLA putter models are expected to begin shipping in February.

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