First Look: BirdieBall PuttUp Key Takeaways

  • BirdieBall launches add-on for original putting mat
  • It transforms the original mat from flat to inclined
  • Simulates up to an 18-foot putt on a 10-foot mat

BirdieBall is already No. 1 in MyGolfSpy’s Putting Mat Buyer’s Guide and is one of the best training aids on the market. Now they’re introducing a brand new feature that will not only improve your game but will have you addicted to practice almost overnight. BirdieBall PuttUp takes the classic BirdieBall mat design and dials it up. Literally.

BirdieBall offers many varieties of length, number of holes, green speeds and other customizable options. Not to mention you get a perfect roll on every … single … putt.

What is BirdieBall?

BirdieBall knows the game can be intimidating for beginners and wants to make golf fun and accessible. BirdieBall’s claim to fame is “BirdieBalls.” Visualize something more similar in looks to a napkin ring than a golf ball but when hit with a club, it simulates the same launch and spin as a regular ball but with a restricted flight of only 40 yards.

After BirdieBalls launched them to training-aid success, BirdieBall aimed for the next level, creating a putting mat that can be almost endlessly customized. While it’s a resounding success from a customization standpoint, is it any good? Hell, yes!

The putting greens feature authentic grain and Stimpmeter speeds to replicate a natural putting green. “But does this roll like a real green at my course?”, you ask. Absolutely. The ball stays on course when it slows down as long as the ground is level and remains perfectly straight from start to finish.

You can adjust your mat to three different speeds: slow (9 to 10 feet on the Stimpmeter, typical for a public course), medium (10-11 like a private course) and fast (11-13 to simulate a tournament course).

BirdieBall PuttUp

BirdieBall isn’t fixing what isn’t broken. They’ve kept the same perfect rolling mat (four feet by 10 feet) and added a PuttUp incline ramp to simulate slope. It’s not an original invention. However, BirdieBall is putting their own spin on it. Because of the incline, you can practice up to an 18-foot putt on a 10-foot-long mat. BirdieBall has also incorporated different hole sizes to make the experience more challenging.

If you’re planning to work on 18-foot putts, aim for the far right corner. Not only is it the farthest putt the mat offers, it’s also the smallest diameter hole. If you miss a putt, the ball feeds back to you thanks to the ramp and side bumpers.

With the different holes and hole diameters, I created a points game to keep things interesting. It might not seem like anything groundbreaking but, trust me, it’s addictive.

If you want to revert to the classic version, the new ramp feature and hole diameter can be removed. Essentially, adding the PuttUp gives you two putting mats in one. Bargain!

The BirdieBall PuttUp will be available early September 2020.

Final Thoughts

I hate to practice but BirdieBall’s PuttUp doesn’t feel like practice. It’s fun and easy to get hooked on. After making it a competition, I found myself hitting hundreds of putts and quickly improving. I was also hesitant to trust how similar the roll is to a green but it’s remarkably close. When I’m done, I just roll it up and store it away.

Check out the PuttUp putting mat at to learn how it could help you improve while having fun practicing.