Call this an addendum to last week’s post, I suppose. A heel weighted Draw version of the upcoming Callaway Rogue has been added to the USGA’s conforming list.

If the count holds, that means there will be 3 versions of Callaway’s 2018 driver. I expect that news will serve to increase the grumbling over too many releases just a bit, but the reality is that with the absence of a sliding perimeter weight, including a draw-biased model for those who need shot shape (anti-slice) correction makes perfect sense.


At this point, our expectation is that Rogue will be priced below Epic. We’re still unsure of what Callaway’s marketing strategy will be, but the company has begun the process of subtly getting the word out on social media.

By every account thus far, the fairway wood and hybrid will be the big stories with the Rogue line. So while I don’t think the approach to marketing the driver will be one of neglect, we could see the company take a RocketBallz-like approach where a competitive advantage with the fairway wood is used to boost sales of the driver in what is shaping up to be an off year for the flagship Epic franchise.

Time will tell.