Part of the resistance among some golfers can be traced to the reality that variable length is all most of us have known. Single length is different, perhaps even radical.

But what if your foundation in the game of golf was built using single length irons? What if single length is all you've ever known? Our theory is that for beginning golfers, starting with single length irons would make the game significantly easier, and would almost certainly narrow the window from complete hacker to competently proficient.

To us, it just makes sense.


Given Cobra's investment in Bryson DeChambeau and the resulting all-in approach to its ONE Length lineup, it's not surprising that Cobra also believes single length makes sense for beginners, or more specifically, junior golfers.

With retailers and consumers asking for asking for a ONE Length option for kids, it made sense for Cobra to look into it. Said, Cobra's VP or R&D, Tom Olsavsky, "We tested these irons among a wide range of skill levels ranging in age from 13-15, and we found that universally they delivered more consistency and better performance for these younger golfers”.'s the ONE Length, ONE swing argument, and while we don't think it's right for everyone, we've convinced there's something to it - especially for beginners.

While the F7 Juinor ONE is smaller both in size and composition (the 5-piece set includes 5, 7, 9, PW, and SW), the technology is largely the same as what's found in the adult offerings. That includes Cobra's progressive TECHFLO, PWRSHELL face, and Progressive Spin Technology. The combination of the three ensures maximum performance throughout the set.


The COBRA F7 JUNIOR ONE is designed for golfers ages 13-15, and are available in right-handed only. Retail price is $449 per set. The shafts are Fujikura Fuel Jr. (graphite), cut so each iron plays at 36.25".

The Cobra F7 JUNIOR ONE irons will be available at retail and online beginning April 21st.