In case you missed it, last week Louis Oosthuizen became the first PING staffer to win with the Blueprint Prototype iron in the bag. A good number of PING’s staffers are looking to be next.

The Blueprint is already generating plenty of buzz and while on one hand that’s not particularly surprising; it’s certainly unusual for an iron that legitimately doesn’t have a release date on the calendar. Seriously, don’t expect Blueprint to launch in the run-up to the PGA Show. It’s not in the near-term pipeline.

As you could probably surmise, I’m not allowed to share nearly as much as I would like, but what I can say is that the iron represents something we haven’t seen from PING in recent memory (if ever). There has been some perfectly reasonable speculation about what Blueprint is and where it will eventually fit in the lineup, but the one thing I can say is that if, and when, it comes, it won’t be an iBlade replacement. I guess you could say there’s already a blueprint for that.

What I will say is that this as compact an iron as I’ve ever seen from PING. No bulk, narrow soles, and topline so thin you could cut butter with it.

As always, more information as it becomes available.