Landing on the USGA list today is a new, though far from unexpected, new driver from PING – the 2019 G410 LST.

As you’ve probably surmised, the 410 LST is the follow-up to the 2018 Most Wanted Winning G400 LST. Needless to say, we expect almost impossibly good things from this driver.

While PING is being tight-lipped about what specifically differentiates the new LST from its predecessor, the USGA photos do provide a bit of the requisite what you need to know.The photos suggest that it offers the same adjustable perimeter weighting system as the G410 Plus.

It’s also a reasonable assumption that the updated 8-position shaft adapter will be part of the package.It’s notable that the listed lofts are 9° and 10.5°, whereas the G400 was available in 8.5° and 10°. The head size is expected to be 450cc.

Expect the retail price to be around $500 when it hits retail in late May.