Let’s throw some credit to PUMAGolf for single-handedly reviving the lost art of the media kit. Just arrived at MyGolfSpy’s Upstate NY office is a 28lbs hexagonal box containing the IGNITE NXT, the company’s latest spikeless offering.

From a technology standpoint, much of what PUMA built into the NXT is stuff we’ve seen before. You get IGNITE foam for comfort. PWRFRAME and PWRCAGE for stability, and a new waterproof, non-stretch mesh upper for comfort and curb appeal.

The names of the tech may change, but at the end of the day, we’re talking about a spikeless golf shoe designed for comfort, and I suppose playability. What sets the IGNITE NXT apart from the competition is that PUMA is giving you the choice of three distinct lacing systems.


I suppose we should describe the NXT Lace as offering a traditional shoe fastening system. It’s been a while since I learned to tie my shoes, but something about bunny ears…I don’t know…this is pretty boilerplate as far as securing shoes to your feet goes. It’s perfect for the guy who knows how to tie his shoes and enjoys doing it.


As the name suggests, the IGNITE DISC uses PUMA’s proprietary dial system (it’s not BOA) for what the company calls a locked in, consistent and custom fit. It’s my preferred fastening system, and if I had my druthers, it would be standard on every shoe. As I’ve been saying for the last several years, laces are for suckers.


Spit the name apart – Sole lace – and it’s pretty simple to understand what’s going on here. Call it a fresh take on laces; the eyelet locations have been pushed down such that the laces are basically strung through the midsole. PUMA says the system completely envelops the foot while providing 360-degree support, securing midsole and outsole to your foot, for the ultimate ground feel.

I don’t know about that (I haven’t logged any course time yet), but if there’s been a knock on PUMA’s recent spikeless designs it’s that, while the comfort was all but inarguable, the stability perhaps hasn’t been on par with some others playing in the spikeless category. In theory, SOLELACE should do a better job of locking your foot in place without sacrificing too much in the comfort department. It’s an intriguing idea; we’ll see how it works out in the real world.

All three versions of the IGNITE NXT Spikeless feature what PUMA calls organically layered traction. The sole features more than 100 hexagonal nubs, which PUMA says have been specifically positioned to provide traction throughout the swing. I have my doubts, but that’s coming from a fairly devout spiked shoe guy. Short of the FJ Pro/SL, I haven’t found a spikeless I’ve felt performed as well as a spiked shoe on the course. Again, we’ll see.

Pricing and Availability

The entire PUMA IGNITE NXT Spikeless family is available now at CobraPumaGolf.com. Retail price is $120 regardless of how you like to lace. Be advised, they run a little large, so PUMA suggests going down 1/2 size. Multiple colorways are available in each mode.

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