Golf, I think most of us would agree, is infinitely more fun when it’s social. It’s also more fun when there’s some competition involved, whether it’s for a little bit of cash, pride or bragging rights. ShotScope, the Edinburgh, Scotland-based GPS and shot/stat-tracking company, gets that, and is giving you and your buddies a framework to compete against each other and, if you’re so inclined, against golfers across the globe.

As we reported here several weeks ago, ShotScope is fleshing out the social/competitive portion of its statistics package. The company unveiled Medals back in September and has recently lifted the curtain on its new Leaderboard feature, allowing you to compare your performance with other golfers who ply their trade on the planet Earth.

Compete & Compare

ShotScope’s new upgrade includes six main Leaderboards: Driving, Approaches, Short Game, Putting, Scoring, and Medals, with several subcategories under each leaderboard. You can further compete on a global leaderboard, a national leaderboard (for your own country) and against players in your own handicap range. Additionally, you can create your leaderboards exclusively for your circle of golf buddies.

There’s also a special Leaderboard just for MyGolfSpy readers. To join the MyGolfSpy Leaderboard, sign into your ShotScope account on the company’s main website. Next, click on the Leaderboard tab and then click on the Join or Create a Leaderboard box. Then simply enter the code MYGSPY, and you’ll be automatically added to the MyGolfSpy Leaderboard. All of your ShotScope stats will be entered, and you’ll see how you stack up.

As you can guess, this opens up all sorts of competitive possibilities – you can compete with your own circle of friends no matter where they are in the world by starting your own Leaderboard, or you can compete, trash-talk and compare your performance on the MyGolfSpy Leaderboard.

And smart money might be on a series of competitions on the MGS Leaderboard in 2019. But that’s just a guess on my part (hint, hint).

An Early Holiday Offer

ShotScope is also offering MyGolfSpy readers a jump start on the Holidays with its Festive Offer: $189 when using the coupon code MGSfestive. That’s $60 off the normal retail price, with free shipping.