This little media pack we received at TaylorMade’s recent M1 Driver and PSi iron launch confirms what we assumed; TaylorMade will be launching new golf balls in 2016.

It’s been 2 years since Tour Preferred and Tour Preferred X hit the market, and more than a year since Project[a] launched, so the timing is right (not to mention that 2016 should be an off year for the Pro V1).


Noteworthy is that TaylorMade appears to be moving with the industry towards a softer ball. Wilson’s DUO set the stage. Callaway’s Chrome Soft proved the consumer would embrace a softer ball, and so now, it would appear, the rest of the ball industry will look to position their products in the sweet spot between soft and mushy.

Full details aren’t expected for a few weeks, but here’s what TaylorMade’s is sharing about its updated urethane-covered offerings.

Project (a)


  • Softer feel without compromising distance
  • Will continue to be positioned as a tour quality ball specifically designed for the amateur player.

Tour Preferred


  • 4 layer construction
  • 42 compression core with a new mantle material that’s 50% softer
  • Softest Tour Ball TaylorMade has ever produced

Tour Preferred X


  • 5 layer construction
  • More greenside control than previous ball
  • Unanimously selected by TaylorMade tour staff from more than 40 prototypes

More information is expected to be released on the coming weeks.