In 2017, TPT Golf entered the shaft market leveraging a fully automated manufacturing process (Thin-Ply Winding) which it stated, “eliminates human error from the shaft-making process and delivers more optimized and consistent results.” As to be expected, early results were indicative of a brand that got the formula mostly right.

World-class golfers such as Lydia Ko, Justin Rose, and Jason Day all won (some multiple times) with TPT driver shafts in the bag. There were also admittedly more durability issues than TPT would have liked, though, for its part, TPT believes it has moved past those early missteps. Perhaps as a byproduct of the slower-than-desired start, TPT’s promised “Tour Profile” 14 Series driver shaft (70+ grams), and 120g iron shafts are yet to materialize.

The initial “MT” (Mid-Torque) line of shafts targeted players in four distinct swing speed groups, ranging from 60 MPH – 120 MPH. Aptly referred to as the “Blue” series, each swing speed segment had both a mid and low kick point version available.

From the onset, TPT’s objective was “to ensure that golfers of all abilities had access to the best technology and the highest level of performance.” For a myriad of reasons, it made sense to target higher swing speed (and generally more avid) players which TPT accomplished with the 15 and 16 Series shafts.

TPT’s latest offering takes aim at a different segment of the market. “The softer the shaft, generally, the poorer the shaft quality from our competitors,” says  TPT Golf Director, Sebastian Sebayang. With that in mind, TPT is releasing the 20 LKP-MT-SW. The shaft is designed for slower swingers (driver swing speeds 60-90 MPH) who can benefit a lighter shaft with a softer overall profile.  TPT uses the same materials and Thin-Ply Winding Method on the 20 series as it does with all of its numerically arranged shaft series.

As a side note, 143 of the 20 Series shafts will be available in Evian Pink to honor the relationship between TPT and the Evian Resort Golf Club in Evian-les Bians, France, where TPT performs on-course R&D testing. As for the 143 number? It represents the 143 countries across the world in which Evian products are available.

Pricing on all TPT shafts, Evian Pink included, is $499. For more information visit