For All MYGOLFSPY Readers

The guys over at contacted MYGOLFSPY and said they wanted to offer our readers a couple we did some investigating and actually found it to be a good deal.

I are thinking it's FREE...we already know it's a good deal. But...FREE always sounds great...but that's only if the product actually works...if it doesn't then it just becomes another piece of "whatthehelldoidowiththisnow" thing laying around the house. And we all have way too many of we wanted to double check before we did that to you.

2005 PGA Merchandise Show - Best New Product

The BallZee actually won the "PGA Merchandise Show - Best New Product" back in 2005 so it's legit. We did have one hang-up with the offer have to pay $2 shipping.

But if your feelin' BallZee and don't mind losing 8 quarters then go get you a couple FREE (well kinda)!